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Dark Zone Named Enemies are elite mobs in The Division. After you hit level 30 in PvE, they’ll start dropping superior or high-end items and Phoenix Credits.
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Fighting them is a great way to get your hands on some end game equipment. Luckily, they spawn in the exact same locations every time. This guide will show you Dark Zone Named Enemy Locations in The Division.

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Although their locations are fixed, you can never know which enemy you’ll meet. They’re randomly drawn from a pool of high-level named enemies, so it’s hard to prepare for any kind of concrete challenge.

Dark Zone 01 Named Enemies

1dark zone 01 named mobThis one is in the subway, in the western part of DZ01. There’s an entrance right next to the western extraction zone, on the corner of Broadway and West 32nd Street.
2dz01 named boss locations construction siteThis one is in an alley in the south-eastern part of the zone. It’s between E 31st and E 32nd Street.
3named enemy dz 01 streetThis enemy can be found in the middle of the street, in the northern part of the area. It’s where 5th Avenue passes into the second Dark Zone.

Dark Zone 02 Named Mobs

4named mob dark zone 2 construction siteThere’s a construction site in DZ02, in the southern part. You can approach it from 5th Avenue. There is a group of thugs on the ground floor – after you’ve dealt with them, climb up. The boss will be on the first floor.
5dark zone named enemy locationsThere’s a library on the corner of East 38th Street and Madison Avenue, in the northeastern corner of DZ 02. The boss is in front of its entrance, with a couple of thugs.
6dz 02 elite enemy sports storeThis one is in the large sports store north from the extraction point, on West 38th Street.

DZ03 Boss Locations

7elite enemy dark zone 3 refueling stationThere’s a JTF refueling station east of Bryant Park in DZ03 – it’s pretty noticable, with army vehicles nearby. This is where you’ll find the next named mob.
8dz 03 elite mobs byant parkThis boss is in the middle of Bryant Park, right by the extraction zone. If you’re unfamiliar with NY, just look for a large green rectangle on the map, west from the center of DZ03.
9dark zone 03 named boss location subwayYou’ll find this one in the middle of DZ 03. Enter the subway station east of Bryant Park, then find the stairs leading to the lower level. The mob will be hiding in a train.

Dark Zone 04 Elite Enemies

10dark zone 4 named boss parking garageRight in the middle of DZ04, this mob is in a parking garage in East 43rd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue. He has a bunch of friends protecting him.
11dz04 elite boss madison avenueIn the northeastern corner of this area, there’s a contaminated area a bit southeast of the extraction point. You’ll find your prey there, on the corner of East 45th Street and Madison Avenue, surrounded by bodies of CERA workers.

DZ05 Elite Mobs

Named enemies in this area are level 32. They’re designed to be a group challenge. You could, theoretically, take them on by yourself, but the average player will have a pretty rough time with them. Bring friends.

12named enemy dark zone 5 divisionYou can find this mob in front of the Rockfeller Center, in the eastern part of Dark Zone 05.
13elite enemy dz 05 divisionGet to the eastern extraction point in DZ05, then head west. Go underground as soon as you find an entrance, then head down to the lowest level.
14dark zone boss military campThere’s a military camp on the corner of West 52nd Street and 7th Avenue. This is where you can find another named boss, usually in one of the tents.

Named Bosses in Dark Zone 06

15named enemy dark zone 06 mid town musicYou’ll find another high level boss at the Mid Town Music landmark, on the corner of West 52nd Street and 6th Avenue. There’s a lot of open space here, so you can scope out the situation before commiting to battle.
16dz06 elite mob buildingThis named enemy is in a building under construction in the north-eastern part of DZ06. It’s directly east of the extraction point. There will be a group of thugs on the ground floor with him.
17division named boss dark zone 06 subway stationGo to the subway tunnels in the north-western part of the area. Use the West 54th Street entrance to get inside. Climb to the lower floor – this is where the elite mob is hiding.
This list is a work in progress. We’ll add more named mobs as we find them in the DZ.

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