Doom Eternal Character Skins - Doomicorn, Zombie & Demonic Slayer

Character skins in Doom Eternal allow you to customize the appearance of the main character, as well as some enemies. There’s a handful of them – Doomicorn, Zombie and Demonic Slayer, Sentinel, Praetor, Ember, Classic Doom Marine – and they can be unlocked in myriad ways. Some of these character sets even be leveled up, unlocking additional accessories along the way. This guide is going to show you everything you need to know about Doom Eternal character skins.

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doom eternal character skins
Doom Eternal Character Skins – Doomicorn, Zombie & Demonic Slayer

How to get skins?

Almost all skins are obtained by either buying a specific edition of the game, leveling up your battle pass or unlocking them in the Fortress of Doom. Here’s a list of skins we’ve seen so far, and how to get them.

  • Doomicorn: Available only as a reward for Twitch Prime subscribers.
  • Demonic Slayer: Available only as a Deluxe Edition bonus item.
  • Zombie Slayer: Available only to those who have a Slayer’s Club Account.
  • Indigo, yellow & red classic skins: Available only if you have Doom 1, 2 or 3 tied to the same Slayer’s Club Account.
  • Classic Doom Marine: Unlocked in the Fortress of Doom using Sentinel Batteries.
  • Praetor: Unlocked in the Fortress of Doom using Sentinel Batteries.
  • Sentinel: Unlocked in the Fortress of Doom using Sentinel Batteries.
  • Ember: Unlocked at level 10 of Series 1.

Additionally, there are also enemy skins you can use to change the appearance of several monsters. These include the Inferno Lord skin for the Marauder (unlocked at level 7 of Series 1), the Red Rage skin for the Mancubus (level 4 of Series 1) and the DOOT! skin for the Revenant, which is only available as a preorder bonus.

How character skins/sets work?

Regardless of whether we’re talking about skins for the Doomguy or for the enemies, they’re all accessed through the customization menu, which is accessible from the main menu. From there, you can view your skin collection and apply or equip the ones you like.

How to level up character skins?

Some skins, like the Doomicorn, can be leveled up. This unlocks additional customization options, acessories and such. This is done by earning event XP by playing the game itself – it may take a while, but it’s not like you have to do anything specific in order to level a suit up.

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