Doom 2016 Mission 10 collectibles Titan’s Realm

Titan’s Realm is the tenth campaign mission in Doom 2016. Your goal is to pass through the Titan’s Core and remove the connection between Mars and Hell.
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Unlike the several previous maps with a huge number of collectibles, Titan’s Realm area hides only 14 hidden items like Artifacts, Elite Guards, Field Drone, Keenguy and Silverguy, Data Log and Argent Cell, and each of them are needed in some way towards achievements / trophies. Here’s a video guide detailing how to get all mission 10 secrets & collectibles in Doom and where to find them.

Mission 10 collectibles

The most important things to grab are the Elite Guard data chips and the Argent Cell, because they will help you upgrade your armor and weapons. In the room above the yellow gate, you’ll find the Skull Switch. Activate the switch and reveal a lever near the entrance. Once you unlock the secret room, you’ll be able to play the classic Doom level Phobos Anomaly that was available in Doom I. You can access this bonus map from the main menu.

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