DOOM Mission 12 Secret and collectible Locations - Vega Central Processing

Twelfth mission in the new DOOM brings you very close to the end of the game and has 10 collectibles for you to find. Getting these brings you closer to finishing several achievements of the game and helps you upgrade your character or learn more about the lore. There are three Elite Guards that reward you Praetor tokens for upgrading your armor. You also get a chance to unlock Doom classic map Command Control. Mission takes place in Vega Central Processing and your goal is to find the way back into the Hell dimension. Since the mission has a lot of vertical places to visit it is hard to describe where the collectibles are via screenshots, so we have created a video showing all collectible locations.

For 100% completion of the level you will also want to complete the mission challenges. Variety is the spice of death III challenge requires you to perform 5 different Glory Kills on imps. This means you will have to perform 5 different Glory kills (from different angles). Try and kill them while approaching from the front, rear, side, above, and next to a wall. Second challenge is called Gore Pinata and you need to kill 3 demons with a single grenade. A good spot to do this is after you pick up the Quakeguy collectible (as seen in the video above). You will find yourself on some walkways above a group of imps that will not notice you. Drop a grenade here for an easy challenge completion. Last challenge is called My teeth are sharper and you need to kill a Cacodemon with a chainsaw. You need three fuel for this and for the Cacademon to be in reach (and not flying around as usual). Several fights spawn these so you should be able to get a chance for the special kill.

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