Dying Light 2 History Quiz Correct Answers & Reward

The Dying Light 2 History Quiz correct answers and reward are all inside the side quest that you can get from Jax, after you’ve fulfilled certain requirements. More on that below. The true challenge is whether your knowledge of the history of Villador and Harran are up to snuff. If they aren’t, well, then this guide is the absolutely right place for you. We’ll give you all the correct answers for the History Quiz, tell you what your reward will be, and more.

dying light 2 history quiz correct answers & reward
Dying Light 2 History Quiz Correct Answers & Reward

Dying Light 2 History Quiz Correct Answers and Reward

The History Quiz correct answers and reward in Dying Light 2 are a part of a side quest that you can pick up at the Rooftop School Settlement in Garrison. Talk to Jax, and he’ll test your knowledge of the history of Harran and Villedor. The questions and correct answers are in the list below.

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    • Q: What occurred here that is known as ‘Black Monday’?
    • A: The chemical bombings of 2025.
    • Q: Let’s discuss the March Massacre. You recall what happened on that day?
    • A: The army killed 64 civilians protesting against weapons confiscation.
    • Q: But do you remember when the Harran events took place?
    • A: Spring 2014.

If you get all the correct answers in the Dying Light 2 History Quiz, your reward will be 400 Old World Money and the “The Catacombs” memento. If you happen to mess up at any point during the test, you can always just go to sleep for the day and come back tomorrow to retry. Keep in mind that the quest will not unlock until you’ve activated the Juniper Windmill and assigned the Garrison Electrical Station to whichever faction you choose.

And that about wraps it all up, I think. If you’re having trouble with anything else in the game, feel free to check out our other Dying Light 2 guides. Among others, we’ve got articles like How to Open Safes, Moonshine Safe Code – Year America Was Discovered, and Find the Tunnel Entrance.

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