Elden Ring Jar Cannon Ammo & Location

In our Elden Ring Jar Cannon Ammo & Location guide, we’ll be covering two important points about this ranged weapon. First off, we’ll tell you where to find the Jar Cannon in the first place, since it’s in a fairly remote location you might not think of looking in. After that, we’ll explain what kind of ammo the thing uses and how to obtain it. So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s dive straight in.

elden ring jar cannon ammo & location
Elden Ring Jar Cannon Ammo & Location

Elden Ring Jar Cannon Location

The location of the Jar Cannon in Elden Ring is north of Mt. Gelmir, in Volcano Cave. We’ll show you exactly where that is in the screenshots below. Deep down in this cave, you’ll come across a boss called Demi-Human Queen Margot. It’s basically the same fight as with any other Demi-Human queen you might have met before. When you defeat Margot, she drops the Jar Cannon.

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Mind you, the trek to Mt. Gelmir is not an easy task. The Jar Cannon itself is not reward enough. While it is an amusing and silly weapon, it’s really not much to write home about, even when upgraded. However, if you’re already there because you want to check off every single area on the map, might as well get the cannon while you’re at it.

Where to Find Jar Cannon Ammo Elden Ring

To find ammo for the Jar Cannon in Elden Ring, you can go to a number of different merchants. See, the Jar Cannon uses Ballista Bolts as ammunition, as well as any kind of greatbolt. And I do mean any kind; regular, Bone Ballista Bolts, explosive, lightning, you name it. You can buy Ballista Bolts from several vendors, as we’ve said. These include Patches, the Isolated Merchant in the west of Weeping Peninsula, the nomadic merchant in the east of Weeping Peninsula and at Mt. Gelmir, the Hermit Merchant, etc. The Twin Maiden Husks will also sell Ballista Bolts if you bring them the Patches Bell Bearing, wink wink.

The alternative to purchasing is crafting Bone Ballista Bolts, the recipe for which is in Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 13. Either way, this particular type of ammo definitely doesn’t grow on trees, so use it carefully and sparingly. Unless you have the Runes to throw around, I suppose.

Very early in your exploration of Elden Ring world you will find out that you need to prepare your character for different tasks. You'll need to learn how to use Ashes of War, how to two-hand weapons, or use magic spells during the course of your adventures. Many secrets are also waiting for you, such as, a hostile NPC Sellen that doesn't let you see her shop, an invisible man in a bush, or a huge turtle with a bell that lets you duplicate some very important items.

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