Elden Ring Seluvis Potion, Give Potion to Nepheli or Gideon

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to give Seluvis potion to Nepheli or Gideon in Elden Ring, we’re here for you. In this guide, we’ll show you what happens in each instance, so you can make an informed choice. We’ll also tell you where you can find Nepheli, depending on how far you’ve come in the game. Before we start, allow me to put up a huge SPOILER WARNING right here. This guide will have no restraint on spoilers, as that’s necessary to give you the information you need. Still here? Okay, let’s show you who to give the potion to, Nepheli’s locations during this quest when she’s not at Roundtable, how the Loathsome Dung Eater can become a part of this, etc.

elden ring seluvis potion give potion to nepheli or gideon
Elden Ring Seluvis Potion, Give Potion to Nepheli or Gideon

Give Seluvis Potion to Nepheli or Gideon in Elden Ring

Your choice of whether you give Seluvis’s potion to Gideon or Nepheli in Elden Ring will exclusively decide Nepheli’s fate, as far as we know. If you give Nepheli the potion, she will enter what I can only call a catatonic state. You can then report back to Seluvis, and he’ll happily teach you sorcery. This will also bring an abrupt end to Nepheli’s quest in Elden Ring.

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If, on the other hand, you opt to give the potion to Gideon, he will direct you to straight-up lie to Seluvis. Shockingly, that seems to work, and Seluvis will still agree to teach you. So, it’s up to you. It seems that whatever you choose, you will get to learn magic from the Perceptor, but Nepheli’s fate will be very different. Ultimately, the choice hinges on whether or not you trust Gideon that Seluvis is some kind of perv. Considering what happens to Nepheli upon drinking the potion, he might have the right idea.

There’s also the option to give the potion to the Loathsome Dung Eater after you show a Seedbed Curse to his shadow in Roundtable Hold. You can then keep giving him Seedbed Curses in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, and eventually give him the potion and turn him into a puppet summon purchase from Seluvis later on. However, the best solution is to give the Elden Ring Seluvis potion to Gideon. EDIT: Upon further reflection, the best option is to save the potion for the Dung Eater. This is purely gameplay-wise, since he’s a fantastic summon. It is the longer way around, but it can be worth the trouble.

Where to Find Nepheli Location in Elden Ring – Nepheli Loux not at Roundtable

There are four distinct locations you can find Nepheli during her quest and the Elden Ring Seluvis Potion quest. Nepheli Loux will not always be at Roundtable. Before you kill Godrick the Grafted, she will be in a cage in Stormveil Castle. After you beat the boss, she will move to Roundtable Hold and stand next to a small table with a candle. When you talk to her there, she’ll move once again; this time, you’ll find her below the bridge in Village of the Albinaurics. Lastly, she’ll switch locations for the last time, back to Roundtable Hold. Go down the stairs next to the blacksmith, and that’s where she’ll be.

Two very important things to mention here. One, Nepheli will refuse to take the Elden Ring Seluvis potion once she returns to Roundtable Hold. At that point, you will have to talk to her father, Gideon, in the library of the Hold. That’s when the choice we’ve described above comes into play. Two, if at any point you’ve made Seluvius angry and he disappears, take a flask of Celestial Dew to the Church of Vows to receive absolution. For more info on that, check out our Sellen Turns Hostile and Iji Blacksmith Location guides.

Very early in your exploration of Elden Ring world you will find out that you need to prepare your character for different tasks. You'll need to learn how to use Ashes of War, how to two-hand weapons, or use magic spells during the course of your adventures. Many secrets are also waiting for you, such as, a hostile NPC Sellen that doesn't let you see her shop, an invisible man in a bush, or a huge turtle with a bell that lets you duplicate some very important items.

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    What about when you give it to the dung eater?

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      I just did the same, I wonder what will happen… Found nothing on internet…

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        You have to have at least a seabed curse to start dung eater, and you can’t have given Ranni the Fingerslayer blade yet. Dung Eater wont do anything untill he gets his first seabed curse, and the moment you give Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade she kills Selivious for plotting to betray her [giving ranni the potion quest that kills you]. So Making Dungeater a puppet has to be done within a window in the game and can be missed if you progress to far in Ranni’s quest or if you piss of selivious. Because while you can buy puppets from him when he’s dead he wont make new ones with the potion.

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    what if i killed her on accident

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    At least you edited the “giving it it Gideon is the best” Gideon is a villian by end game and in a quest with 3 endings & 2 items Gideon is the only one where you get nothing and it just kills the quest. However it shows you even earlire than the Village of the Albinorics that he is a Villian. If you give it to him he either dumps it or uses it against selivious and then tells you to go lie to him hoping to send you to your death for betraying him. So yeah it’s actually the WORST ending to that quest.

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