ESO Flames of Ambition Release Date & Time

The ESO Flames of Ambition launch date and time have been on the mind of the Elder Scrolls Online fanbase. After all, the Flames of Ambition DLC brings new content to explore, dungeons to fight through, cosmetics and other items to earn and more. It’s always exciting when new content drops in games like these, and this DLC is no different. With that said, in our ESO Flames of Ambition Release Date & Time article, we’ll show you when you’ll be able to start playing it.

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eso flames of ambition release date & time
ESO Flames of Ambition Release Date & Time

Release Date & Time in ESO Flames of Ambition

The release date and time of ESO Flames of Ambition, the new DLC for the long-running MMO, is March 16th, at around 10:00AM EST / 15:00 UTC. We’re fairly certain about the launch date, since Bethesda announced it themselves. As for the launch time, well, we’re extrapolating a little bit. According to the Bethesda Support Twitter: “The… North American and European PC/Mac megaservers will be offline for patch maintenance from 2:00AM EST / 7:00 UTC to 10:00AM EST / 15:00 UTC.” So, based on that, we can assume that you’ll have access to Flames of Ambition at 10AM EST / 4PM CET / 1PM PST.

Once the shebang starts, there will be a ton of stuff for you to do. For example, there’s the Black Drake Villa dungeon. Eveli Sharp-Arrow will send you on this quest to explore the library of a manor in the northern hills of the Golden Coast. Needless to say, things will not go smoothly whatsoever. The place is crawling with monsters, and if that wasn’t enough, the True-Sworn are there, trying to burn the place to the ground. Fun, right? That’s to say nothing of The Cauldron, east of Deshaan, where you’ll be hunting the cultists of Dagon, and worse.

So, yeah, that’s the ESO Flames of Ambition release date and time. However, don’t sleep on the Heroes Reforged event. It lets you both respec your character and get a free pet. That’s nothing to sneeze at, by any stretch.

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