ESO Frosted Brains Recipe

As you no doubt already know, the Witches Festival Event in ESO is underway. During this Halloween-themed event, you will be able to collect many items and take part in new activities. Appropriate festive foods have also been added, and one of these are Frosted Brains. The description for this dish paints a colorful picture: “Candy-coated jellied brains on a convenient stick for eating on the go.” Many players are ready to chomp down on this delicious treat, but they don’t know the exact recipe. Not to fear, since our ESO Frosted Brains Recipe guide will explain how you can acquire the recipe and craft this foodstuff for yourselves.

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ESO Frosted Brains Recipe

How to Craft ESO Frosted Brains

There are basically two ways how you can get the Frosted Brains Recipe in the Elder Scrolls Online. The first of these involves grinding for Plunder Skulls and hoping that you will get this particular recipe from a random drop. Farming Dragon Bosses is a particularly good strategy here, and remember – you don’t have to land the killing blow personally. All you have to do to get a Plunder Skull from a boss is to land one hit on it and then let the other players defeat it.

The other way you can procure a Frosted Brains Recipe is by buying one on the Tamriel Trade Center. Since the event is underway, there should be enough of these in supply, so find a reasonably-priced one and you are good to go. The effects of this food are: Increase Max Magicka by 4256 and Health Recovery by 425 for 2h. These effects scale based on your level. To craft it, you will need four ingredients. These are – Meat: White Meat, Fruit: Honey, Vegetable: Stinkhorn, and Medium: Yeast. And that’s how you can get the ESO Frosted Brains Recipe.

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