ESO Witches Grab Bag

ESO Witches Grab Bag are special new blind bags that you can get at the Impresario during the Halloween event. Since they do cost you, adventurers want to know what they’ll actually get in them. No sense in purchasing blind bags without having at least some idea as to what’s inside, right? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this guide.

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eso witches grab bag
ESO Witches Grab Bag

ESO Witches Grab Bag Contents

The contents of the ESO Witches Grab Bags can feature “a collectible from a previous Witches Festival event,” as per the official event post. When you open one of these grab bags, “it will only ever contain items you don’t already own or know,” meaning that there’s no chance of getting duplicates, which is just delightful, I must say. Once you obtain every single item that can appear in these grab bags, you’ll no longer be able to purchase them. Again, super-fair on the part of the developers. Open each bag and remove the items inside as soon as you get one to make sure to avoid duplicates from subsequent bags.

If it should so happen that you’ve obtained every single collectible from the grab bags, but you still have some that are unopened, worry not; they won’t be wasted. Instead, they will contain Group Repair Kits. With all of that said, the most important info; The ESO Witches Grab Bags can contain Hollowjack Motif pages, the Skeletal Marionette memento, Apple-bobbing Cauldron fragments, and the Spectre Mask collectibles in this event. You can just buy them at the Impresario for as long as the event lasts.

This is just one part of this year’s Witches Festival, of course. There are many other spooks to be had. We’ve written a number of different articles that might help you on these Halloween journeys, such as How to Get Essence of Death, Plucking the Crow – Witches Festival 2021, and Where to Farm Plunder Skulls.

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