Elder Scrolls Online Thanksgiving Free Weekend on Xbox One

Only a week after the Playstation free weekend event, The Elder Scrolls Online is offering another taster. This time, only Xbox users are being allowed in, and not even all of them.
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Although it’s being called a free weekend, it’s actually going to last a bit longer than that. Read on to get all the juicy details.

eso thanksgiving free weekend xbox one
Unlike the previous event, this one is limited to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. If you don’t have a Gold sub, you won’t be able to participate. If you do, you should start preparing. The event starts on November 23rd, at 5:00 AM GMT. It ends on November 28th, at the same time. If you want to take part, you’ll need 80 GB of free space.

Here’s what you need to do in order to start playing:
  • Go to the Xbox Live store and download The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.
  • Create an ESO account.
  • Start playing.
You’re going to get 500 Crowns for free – they’re the premium currency, used to buy pets, mounts and special outfits. If you decide it’s a good fit for you, you’ll be able to buy it at a discount for the whole duration of the sale. Crown packs will also be on sale, allowing you to buy stuff from the store for a lot less.

Additionally, there’s a sweepstakes involved. If you try playing during the event, you’ll automatically enter for a chance to win one of five fully paid journeys to exotic destinations. All five are thematically similar to countries from Tamriel, so there’s even a theme. You’ll have to be eighteen, and live in a whitelisted place, but that’s pretty much it, as far as restrictions are concerned. Apart from the travel packages, they’re going to be giving away a bunch of hefty crown packs as well. All in all, it’s a treat.

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