The Evil Within - An Emergency Call - Chapter 1 guide

An Emergency Call is the first chapter in the Evil Within, where you’ll learn more about the main game mechanics and how to survival. Besides two long cut-scenes at the start and at the end of the chapter this is a pretty short mission.
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In this guide we’ll try to explain mission main steps, without unveiling spoilers as much as we can. Since there are no objectives you are on your own.

Evil Within Chapter 1 An Emergency CallWhen the game starts, you’ll find yourself in Detective Castellanos’ suit, but you’ll start controlling him in front of the Beacon Mental Hospital. Enter the hospital and find security camera room. Get close to one of the live-feed camera monitors. This is where the bloody part of the game starts. In the next moment you’ll find yourself in a room with many bodies hanging from the ceiling, just like you. Swing yourself towards the body in which a knife is stabbed, and use it to free yourself.

How to kill the Butcher

You can’t! You should avoid him at any cost, and in this part you’ll learn how to sneak in the game. In order to leave this area you should sneak around his working desk and grab Ordinary Keys from a rope above the table. Use these keys to unlock the nearby red door, and go up the stairs. At one point Butcher comes near you and you have to run toward the only way out, which takes you into the room with shredders. On the other side of the room you’ll find a hatch. Use it for escape.Use the ladders to get out of the circled pitch area. Doors will lead you towards the sewer tunnel, where you should use another ladder to exit the sewers pitch. Next to a dead man in a wheelchair collect the first document called “Old note from sewer“. The document describes how to leave this area. At the end of the sewer you’ll find an open door. Inside the next room are another ladder. While climbing up look towards the desk with a computer on it, there you’ll find the second document: “Bolier room note”. At the same floor you’ll find a a fuse box next to the door. Use it, go through the door, and you’ll find yourself in the hospital room once again.Go further until you reach the hallway with many boxes to your right. The next room is crucial.

How to escape from the Butcher

Once you reach the room with many boxes and locked door head toward a locker next to the door. Use the game controls and hide inside. Wait for the butcher to crash things around and eventually open the locked door. Follow the butcher to the next room.This is the place where we’ll learn about the Enemy Alertness Icon. Proximity eye icon means that an enemy is within a certain distance, while the discovery eye icon means that an enemy is aware of you. As there are no mini maps or any other alert systems, this information turns out to be crucial for the gameplay.

Walk past the room where Butcher is situated, and continue further until you end up in a long hallway with another locker at the end. Next to the locker, you will find a door blocked with a several boxes. Hide inside this locker. When the Butcher crashes the boxes he’ll head towards the end of the hallway and re-enters the main room once again. After that he’ll be moving along the same path again. During this period you should enter the main room with hospital beds and hide under the bed. Once the butcher passes you by, leave the room and follow the path that takes you toward the end of the mission.When you exit the elevator, leave the building and the final cut-scene will start.
Evil Within Chapter 1 An Emergency Call
Final cut-scenes are rather epic.



  1. J
    Jeannette Morse

    Ok so I’ve been stuck for two hours now, whenever i go in the last room he always finds me! Where can I hide or what can I do to distract him? Please help.

    1. T
      Trinity M

      After you hide in the 2nd locker, wait until the Butcher is walking down the hallway in front of you before coming out. The doorway is right next to the locker, and once you go through, hide underneath the bed that’s on your left. Wait until the Butcher leaves the room again, then come out and go down a dark hallway that’s opposite from the bed you were hiding under. Just keep going down the hallways and you should reach the end.

      1. E
        Ezra G

        Ok, so I get to the second locker easily. But no matter how long I wait, he never crashes through the boxes that’s blocking the doorway. I’ve waited a maximum of a half hour in that locker. What am I doing wrong?

        1. R

          I had him discover me for half a second before hiding in the second locker. then he came into the hallway

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