The Evil Within

The Evil Within

The Assignment DLC Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks have released a trailer for The Assignment, the first piece of downloadable content for their survival horror game, The Evil Within. In it, you’ll get to play the part of Juli Kidman, Sebastian’s partner. The DLC is supposed to shed some light on her character, what happened to her, as…


The Evil Within Locker Key Locations Guide

While wandering through the Evil Within’s rooms and catacombs you will come across a bunch of different items important for your survival. The first on the list are keys, that can be used to open lockers in the “safe room”, and get valuable loot.

The Evil Within ARCHIVE

The Evil Within Chapter 7 The Keeper

Chapter 7 – The Keeper

Chapter 7 – The Keeper starts inside the Church and takes you through Church’s catacombs. During this chapter you can expect to acquire a large number of crafting materials for Agony Crossbow Bolts. They are acquired through trap disarming, and there are a lot of traps to be disarmed in this chapter.

The Evil Within Chapter 7 Valve handle

Achievements and Trophies List

During your adventure through the survival horror game The Evil Within, you’ll be able to complete 41 Achievements / Trophies. For the console players platinum trophy “Pure Evil” will be unlocked upon obtaining all trophies in the game.

The Evil Within Chapter 6 How to defeat Chainsaw Guy

Chapter 6 – Losing Grip on Ourselves

The six chapter starts with a short cut-scene in the hospital’s main hub. From the hospital’s central room go into the hallway, and you will see the nurse. She leads you towards a new hallway where you should enter the last room.

The Evil Within how to escape from 6 leg creature

Chapter 4 – The Patient guide

Chapter 4 – The Patient introduces two new types of enemies, and you’ll need a special tactics to defeat them. For all of you who don’t care about the lore collectible items this mission will be very short.

The Evil Within Chapter 2 Remnants

Chapter 2 Remnants Guide

In the Chapter 2 – Remnants you’ll find out more about how to spend Green Gel points, get a Pistol, lamp, map fragments, items like Syringes to heal yourself, matches to burn bodies, trap parts for crafting Agony Crossbow bolts.

Evil Within Chapter 1 An Emergency Call

Chapter 1 – An Emergency Call guide

An Emergency Call is the first chapter in the Evil Within, where you’ll learn more about the main game mechanics and how to survival. Besides two long cut-scenes at the start and at the end of the chapter this is a pretty short mission.