Fallout 4 Alien Blaster Pistol

Alien Blaster Pistol is one of the more powerful weapons for low level characters in Fallout 4. It’s also a cool little easter egg. You can only get it from one place, as far as we know – a secret UFO crash site. If you show up at a certain place at a certain time, you’ll witness a flying saucer crashing. This guide will show you where to find the UFO crash site and how to get the alien blaster pistol.

UFO Crash Site Location

Some players have reported witnessing the crash as early as level 14. Player level is the only parameter we’ve been able to confirm so far. When you’re level 14 or higher, while being in the area around Beantown Brewery, you’re likely to see a flying saucer crashing down. It will crash a bit south from the Brewery. When you explore the site, you’ll see tracks going from the wreckage to the north.

How to get Alien Blaster Pistol

Following the trail from the UFO will lead you to a cave. If you go inside, you’ll find a level 1 Alien hostile. When you kill him, he’ll drop the Alien Blaster Pistol, along with 457 round for it. This is one of the most powerful pistols in the game, but keep in mind nobody has found any more ammo for it elsewhere. The 400+ rounds is most probably all there is.

You can modify it to use other types of ammunition, but this will lower its damage output.

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  1. H

    I found 42 rounds for the alien pistol before finding the alien in the cave, but i can’t remember where.

  2. A

    Not entirelly sure how it’s “one of the most powerful weapons in Fallout 4”, honestly I find the damage output to be rather low compared to other weapons. It might be that I’m at a ridiculusly high level at the moment (level 80 after 100hours+ gameplay), but I simply don’t get anywhere near the damage from it as I expected to. In both Fallout 3 and in New Vegas the Alien blaster was extreme and quite frankly as overpowered as it coukd get (especially in Fallout 3). In Fallout 4 though I find it outmatched by ALL of the standard weapons I usually have on my person. Only thing that really speaks in favour of it is the rather high rate of fire if you can hit the buttin quick enough, and that you find a rather nice amount of amo when you find it (especially for level 14).

    Anyway, it’s very good that you share the guide of how to find it though because I would have spent hours and hours looking for it if I didn’t read it of reddit at one point. Also something that is really in favour of bethesda on this one, they did a VERY good job on the models for it it just looks so good now (although I kind of liked the old goofy looking one as well).

    1. “level 80 after 100hours+ gameplay”

      Well there’s your problem right there. 😀 Seriously though, you’re in a place where you’ve probably found, tested and modded something into a weapon perfect for your play style.

      You’re right that it’s a good weapon if you find it soon enough – the later you find it, the worse it will look. I’ve edited the passage to reflect that. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. A

        Yeah… I kind of went a bit overboard with the game to be honest, but it was to be expeced eeing as how hyped I was for the game. It’s the consequences of being a student and the game releasing at a point in the semester where I had litraly nothing else to do than play 😛

        As for the weapon itself it’s a fairly good weapon, especially if you specialize in energy weapons early on in the game. But then maybe something along the lines of a plasma rifle would be better considering my fully secced one deals 120 energy dmg and 120 projectile damage. I started using the alien blaster as a sidearm though since the rate of fire is at the level of the 10mm pistol and the Deliverer while putting out 100+ dmg. For my playstyle at least it fis quite a bit better then the 44. magnum which I used to have as my third weapon due to the significntly larger clip and the rather high rate of fire.

        My current standard loadout would be this though:
        1. Plasma rifle with sniper barrel (preferrably a modified version of the “unending automatic plastma pistol” to eliminate the downside of a small clip).
        2. silenced combat shotgun
        3. Alien Blaster (used to be either the Deliverer or a .44 magnum)
        4. Gaus Rifle (equiped with recon scope for my sniping duties)

        Honestly though I really just didn’t see the use for it at first but after a couple of hours in game it has become quite the trusty companion. Best thing about it though is that you can make it use regular MF cells when you are out of Alien cells for just a subtraction of 2dmg which is decent in my book.

  3. J

    I encountered the crash a Gibson Point Pier.

  4. I did all the steps cleared valut 75 came there nothing not the cave no ceased UFO, help

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