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Console commands are cheats that override the default settings in Fallout 4. They can be used in the PC version of the game, and they allow you to become invincible, to add items into your invetory, raise your SPECIAL stats, walk through walls and more.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all Fallout 4 console commands and what they do.

fallout 4 console commands

Console Commands List

Using the console might seem too complicated for some, but it’s actually very easy. Here’s how to do it (there’s a chance you might have to change some lines in an ini file before you do this):
  • Press ~ (the key under Esc, in the top left corner of the keyboard).
  • Enter the command exactly as it is written.
  • Press Enter.
Here are the commands we’ve discovered and tested so far:

Console commandWhat it does
tgmGod Mode (invincibility)
tmm 1Reveal all map markers
player.additem itemID numberAdd an item to your inventory.
KillKill targeted enemy
KillAllKill all enemies nearby
player.setlevel numberSets your level to the target number
tclTurn NoClip on / off (lets you walk through walls)
player.placeatme itemIDSpawn an item nearby (works with NPCs too).
setav aggression 0Pacify targeted NPC

Item IDs in Fallout 4

Some commands require you input a unique ID for the item you want to spawn, add to your inventory, NPC you want to summon or destroy.

Item IDWhat it adds
000000fCaps (money)
We’ll also update the list of commands once the game is live and we can check them out.

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  1. L

    player.placeatme doesnt work perfectly like it did with previous fallout versions, in addition sometimes clicking items or objects while in console wont actually show the hex value, not sure if its a bug on my end? Does anyone know any hostile NPC codes to test settlement defenses?

  2. S

    You can tell they just copy and pasted these commands without checking them. f is always money in any Bethesda game. And the aggression variable does not exist in Fallout 4. Its from Skyrim.

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