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Almost all the items you find in the wilderness can be used as crafting components in Fallout 4. Due to limited space in your inventory you’ll have to increase your inventory.
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Many of these components are parts of other items, while a small number of them, like seeds and vegetables (mostly cooking and chemistry items), cannot be obtained by means other than looting them.

Fallout 4 Workbench TransferThese basic items are used for crafting building structures (like concrete, wood, steel…), weapon mods (adhesive, gear, screw, spring, fiberglass…), armor mods (leather, cloth, adhesive, screw, cork, plastic, ), cooking (vegetables, seeds…), at the power armor station (aluminum, adhesive, circuitry…) or chemistry station (acid, plastic, antiseptic, glass, bone…).

Crafting / Inventory Tips

  • In your workshop you can use the transfer option. You’ll be able to select the option “Store all junk”. This one click option gives you the ability to put all junk from your inventory directly into the workshop, where it can be used for crafting.
  • Open your Pip Boy and head to inventory-> junk -> component view. This reveals the option to mark materials like: Adhesive, Aluminum, Ceramic, Glass and Steel. Once you mark one of them, the game will show a magnifying glass next to the names of items that contain this material in the world. This mark remains next to the name of any item that has this material no matter where you see them – in your inventory, in the wilderness, etc.
  • The level 5 Intelligence perk unlocks a two-point skill called Scrapper. This skill allows you to salvage uncommon components (screws, aluminum, copper, circuitry, nuclear materials, fiber optics) from scrapping weapons and armor.
  • If you want to scrap some junk loot in Fallout 4, just drop it from your inventory, open workshop menu, point your weapon on dropped loot and press scrap button.

Crafting ingredients

NameFound in/from
AluminumAlarm Clock, Aluminum Can/Canister, Cake Pan, Tin, Pulser, Recorder, Tray, some Toys.
AdhesiveAdhesive, Tape, Wonderglue.
AsbestosAsbestos, Biometric Scanner, Chalk, Carton, Pot, Extinguisher, Pack of Cigarettes, Rat Poison.
AntisepticAbraxo Cleaner, Antiseptic, Empty Blood Sac, Solvent, Toothpaste, Turpentine.
AcidAbraxo Cleaner, Anti Freeze Bottle, Bloatfly Gland, Makeshift Battery, Antifreeze, Undamaged Abraxo Cleaner.
BoneBones, Deathclaw Hand, Femur, Molre Rat Teeth, Spine, Tibia, Skull.
Ballistic FiberMilitary Grade Duct Tape.
CeramicAshtray, Bowl, Plate, Coffee and other Cups, Cops, Vase.
ConcreteConcrete, Bag of Cement.
CircuitryCircuitry, Card, Pulser, Recorder, Module.
CorkBaseball, Clean Globe.
CopperBeaker Stand, Lamp, Broken Light Bulb, Fuse, Magnifying Glass, Power Relay Coil, Module, Tube.
ClothCloth, Boston Bugle, Cigar Box and Cigarette, Carton, Pillow, Duct Tape, Cloth Toys, Paintbrush, Pre-War Money, Bugle.
CrystalCamera, Magnifying Glass.
Fiber OpticsBiometric Scanner
FiberglassFiberglass, Abraxo Cleaner, Aluminum Canister, Cigar Box, Toys, Rat Poison, Undamaged Abraxo Cleaner.
GlassGlass, Alarm Clock, Bottle, Lamp, Jars, Bottle, Flask, Fuse, Bulbs, Tube.
GearFan, Camera.
GoldGold, Camera.
LeatherLeather, Baseball, Deathclaw Hand, Molerat Hide, Hide.
LeadMakeshift Battery
OilOil, all sorts of Canisters, Cans, Lighter, Fuel, Soap.
PlasticPlastic, Anti Freeze Bottle, Baby Rattle, Bread Box, Tray, Carton, Clean Globe, Balls, Card, Hairbrush, Bag, Toys, Pack of Cigarettes, Pen and Pencil, Salt Shaker, Scissors, Baskets, Antifreeze, Toothbrush, Toothpaste.
RubberRubber, Extinguisher, Kickball, Large and Small Baby Bottle, Plunger, some Toys.
ScrewClean Globe, Fan, Handcuffs, some Toys.
SpringSpring, Alarm Clock, Clipboard, Camera, Flip Lighter, Handcuffs, Toaster.
SteelSteel, Wrench, Hammer, Scissors, Canisters and Cans, Pot, Wrench, Rods, Fan, Fork, Plate, Dog Tags, Bucket, Extinguisher, Flip Lighter, Handcuffs, Solvent, Power Relay Coil, Scalpel, Screwdriver, Module, Baskets, Shovel, Knife, Spoon, Toaster, Wrench.
SilverSilver, Card, Hairbrush.
Nuclear MaterialNuclear Material, Alarm Clock, Biometric Scanner, Board Game, Pulser, Recorder.
WoodWood, Hammer, Clipboard, Board Game, Cigar Box, Frame, Makeshift Battery, Paintbrush, Plunger, Screwdriver, Shovel
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