How to increase inventory space in Fallout 4

While venturing throughout the wasteland of Boston, you’ll notice there is a lot of stuff you can pick up, carry with you and use as crafting materials. Due to limited space in your inventory, deciding if you should collect every single item you find becomes a mini-game.
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This is why each item has its weight and you can carry up to your current maximum weight limit (which depends on many factors, like the number of strength points), without becoming overcumbed and lowering your movement speed a lot.

Fallout 4 Workbench Transfer All items you can collect in the game are organized in seven (7) folders. Next to their unique markings, they all have value and weight.

WeaponsUsed for shooting down enemiesMedium to HugeMedium to Huge
ApparelUsed for mitigating incoming damage, role playing with cosmetic armor stuff, etc.MediumMedium
AidConsists of healing and buffing items.SmallSmall to medium
MiscBooks, magazines, keys, etcSmall to HugeSmall
JunkThe main purpose of these items is giving crafting materialsSmall to MediumSmall
ModsItems you’ve added to your weapons, armorSmallSmall
AmmoItems without which most weapons can’t work (ammunition, fuel, plasma charges).NoneSmall

How to increase your inventory

  • To increase your inventory, you’ll have to invest into Strenght; especially the rank 6 perk called Strong Back. This perk allows you to increase your inventory by 50 units and gives you the ability to fast travel while overencumbered.
  • Lone Wanderer, the Charisma level 3 perk, allows you to have up to +200 inventory space if you wander around without a companion.
  • Interact with your companion by clicking the action button while looking at them. Shortly after, you’ll be given the option to trade with them. This is an additional way of increasing your inventory.
  • Go to your workshop and use the transfer option. You’ll be able to select the option “Store all junk”. This one click option gives you the ability to put all junk from your inventory directly into the workshop, where it can be used for crafting.
  • Open your Pip Boy and head to inventory->junk->component view. This reveals the option to mark materials like: Adhesive, Aluminum, Ceramic, Glass and Steel. Once you mark one of them, the game will show a magnifying glass next to the names of items that contain this material in the world. This mark remains next to the name of any item that has this material no matter where you see them – in your inventory, in the wilderness, and you can collect only items that you really need at that moment.
  • Once you clear an area, head to one of your settlements and drop all necessary loot into the workshop and any other storages you’ve built.
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