Fish Catcher - Far Harbor | Fallout 4

Fish Catcher is a melee weapon you can find in Fallout 4. It was added in the latest DLC, Far Harbor. It’s a hook at the end of a short stick. It consumes less action points than normal weapons, and it can be upgraded for better efficiency. You can get it early on in the story mission. This guide will show you where to find Fish Catcher in Far Harbor, its stats and looks.

Fish Catcher Location

After you’ve helped defend Far Harbor from the fog monsters, enter the city and talk to the mayor. Once that is done, turn to your left. You’ll see Allen, the bearded fellow who fought alongside you, in a stall. He sells various weapons – the one you’re looking for included.

The hook costs 40% less action points to use, thanks to a mod. It can be further upgraded to do more damage and pierce armor. Visually, the upgrade adds more hooks to the same stick.

fish catcher fallout 4 far harbor

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