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Old Reliable is a lever-action rifle you can find in Fallout 4’s latest DLC, Far Harbor. Every time you pull the trigger, it shoots a bonus projectile along with the regular one. It can be bought from a vendor in one of the later locations. This guide is going to show you where to find Old Reliable in Far Harbor, what it does and what it looks like.

Old Reliable Location

Go to Acadia, the giant dome in the south-eastern part of the island. Enter the complex and turn right as soon as you’re inside. Following this path will lead you into a bar – the man behind the counter is the one you’re looking for: a merchant called Dejen. Talk to him to buy the rifle.

As the name implies, it’s reliable. It has a pretty nice damage output, at a somewhat slow rate of fire. It’s good at mid-to-long range and if you’re any good at aiming, it’s gonna grow on you pretty fast. The long times between shots mean you ought to make every shot count – if you’re not a good marksman, thing about switching to something automatic and more forgiving.

old reliable fallout 4 far harbor

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  1. H

    The good think is that I just got a 2-shot variant of this weapon. The bad think is that I don’t have any ammo for it which means I’ll have to start Far Harbour. Makes you thing.

  2. M

    But what if i killed like everyone because i hate synths…

  3. J

    Amazing weapon with a decent scope and holding your breath

  4. R

    I personally like the resolute modification version of the lever action rifle (slows time while aiming). I have a slow PC (game lags a bit) and so between every two shots, I can toggle my scope and have enough time to aim and kill fast moving targets before they reach me.

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