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Guns and Bullets is a perk magazine in Fallout 4. Each issue of this skill book increases your critical damage with ballistic weapons by 5%. This guide will show you where to find all issues of Guns & Bullets magazine in Fallout 4.

Guns & Bullets #1

This issuse of G&B is in Fort Hagen, near the western edge of the map. You’ll find it in the kitchen in the south-eastern part of the compound. It’s on the table closer to the entrance.

We’ll update the guide with more issues as we find them.

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  1. P
    Patrick Alvarez

    I found one in Cambridge.

    The Fraternal Post 115 building south of the police station.

    It has a bug though I die everything I pick it up.

    1. L

      The one in Cambridge must be glitches because it wasn’t in the safe for me

  2. H

    There is also one in the BADTFL Regional Office.

  3. G

    There is a copy in the Rook Family Bunker in Salem

  4. J
    Jessica Kavanagh

    there is one in Ticonderoga Tower, only Accessible while doing a Railroad quest

    1. A

      This isn’t strictly true, as long as you have done the quest you can go back to the tower and find the magazine. I played out most of the main factions before eventually siding with another faction, but had no problem going back for this magazine. They weren’t particularly happy to see me mind!

  5. G

    in Fallout 4 i want to ask something from every one or some one, that may know that is,,, where is the most safe place to store all your thinks like Bobblehead, Magazine, my power armor so on, as i have found many. i am to say the place on the map like is Diamond City home plate a good place as no one can go in as i know only who you take. or Sanctuary Hills but i have use some mods there and other place for building. maybe there is no place?
    and i had use some small mods in the game like build limits like dropping guns and store them to give me more building size and some weight limit. not much more
    i don’t want to lose my thing as i have read some people go back to some settlement and things are gone.

    1. T

      Build a safe in sanctuary and drop your guns and stuff in there, I’ve kept most of the things I’d like to keep but not carry for almost 20 levels or so. As for the bobbleheads and magazines, you can build a bobblehead stand and magazine stand in your workshop at any settlement, it’s handy and it looks nice. I used to sell all my magazines for 50 caps or so, but now I save them

    2. T

      Power armor… Just leave them in your settlement standing like the terracotta army, just remember to pull your fusion cores out, or anyone can waltz up and take it… However…. If you leave them in, your settlers can jump in, if they’re attacked. I’m sure you can retrieve them but don’t know how as I haven’t dared to try this… Try building a separate storage shack, or whatever, specifically for your power armor

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