Grognak The Barbarian Locations | Fallout 4

Grognak The Barbarian is a perk magazine in Fallout 4. The first skill book you pick up will unlock the Barbarian perk (+5% critical damage with melee and unarmed), while the others will upgrade it.
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This guide will show you where to find all 11 issues of Grognak The Barbarian.

Grognak #1: Jungle of The Bat-Babies

The first issue you’ll find is in Sanctuary Hills. It’s on the kitchen counter of the Sole Survivor’s house, in the north-western part of the suburb.

Grognak #2: Demon Slaves, Demon Sands

This issue is in Vault 75, accessed from Malden Middle School. It’s in the Overseer’s Office (locked with a terminal), on the bed.

Grognak issue #3

This one is inside Vault 81. You’ll get it as a reward for telling the kids in the classroom stories about the outside world, in the quest Short Stories.

Grognak issue #4: Blood on The Harp

Go to the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup, in the far west, a bit south of Sanctuary Hills. There’s a small shed on the left of the building – enter it, and you’ll see the magazine on a table next to a terminal.

Grognak #5: In the Bosom of the Corsair Queen

Go to Corvega Assembly Facility. Look for a chop shop on the top floor – you’ll should find several dismantled cars in a hall easily. There’s an office in one of the corners, suspended above the floor (use the catwalk to get there). You’ll find the comic book on the desk, next to the terminal.

Grognak #6: Fatherless Cur

This issue is in Mass Pike Interchange. There’s a raider hideout there, up on the bridge. The comic book is in the bathroom, on the toilet seat.

Grognak #7: What Sorcery Is This?

This one is in the Museum of Witchcraft, in the north-eastern part of the map. There’s a cellar entrance on the right side of the building – use it. You’ll have to climb from the basement to the ground floor. There’s a Savage Deathclaw mini-boss inside. Once you’ve dealt with him, look for a manequin next to a table. The magazine will be on the table.

Grognak #8: The Lair of The Viking Eater

On top of a building in Hyde Park, in the south-eastern part of the map. It’s the building with something like a generator on the roof. The magazine is on a box behind the chair, next to the device.

Grognak #9: Lost in The Snow Of Lust

Inside the Back Street Apparel store, on the south side of the canal in the city area. It’s on a coffee table, in front of the red couch.

Grognak #10: Maula – War Maiden of Mars

In the Boston Common area. Look for a gazebo in the park. The comic book is next to the corpse in it.

Grognak #11: Cometh The Trickster

Go to Andrew Station, on the southern part of the coast. Look for a bus that crashed into a building from an overpass. An apartment under the bus is decorated with posters – the magazine is on the matress in that apartment.