How to get Maxson's Battlecoat | Fallout 4

Maxson’s Battlecoat is a unique armor in Fallout 4. It’s a brown fur coat worn by Elder Maxson, the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel.
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It looks great and offers decent protection with a bonus to Perception. This guide will show you how to get Maxson’s Battlecoat in Fallout 4.

fallout 4 maxson battlecoat

How to obtain Maxson’s Battlecoat

Even though the overcoat can be considered a cosmetic item, and many people will want to have it only for the way it looks, it’s also good protection. It offers 50 damage resistance and gives +1 Perception.

Maxson won’t part with this item peacefully, and you can’t steal it either. We’ve tried with Level 4 Pickpocket perk, which allows you to steal equipped items, and the game wouldn’t even give us the pickpocket prompt. The only way to take it is from his lifeless body.

Killing Maxson will cause the Brotherhood to hate you instantly. If you’re planning on being friends with them, you can forget about the coat. If not, you can either wait until you get a quest that involves killing him (like if you side with the Institute), or simply go to Prydwen as soon as it moors and murder him the first time you see him. He’s either lounging on the bridge, or on the terrace outside.




  1. G

    What about placing a better armor piece, walking away for a day and coming back to see if he equipped it. Possible? Anyone try it?

    1. D
      Daniel Penny

      So, I finished the story, does this mean if the BoS hat me it won’t really matter since I already hav everything I need off them.

      Or, what if you stealthily kill him and leave as if nothing happened?

      1. B
        Bruce Wayne

        Tried that they instantly know it was you

      2. A

        You can’t kill him after finishing the BoS storyline

      3. T

        This is the really great post, I like

    2. T

      “Maxson won’t part with this item peacefully, and you can’t steal it either. We’ve tried with Level 4 Pickpocket perk, which allows you to steal equipped items, and the game wouldn’t even give us the pickpocket prompt. The only way to take it is from his lifeless body.”

      When you come to the internet, always be prepared and know how to read.

    3. E
      Elder Maxson

      It doesnt actually give the option to pickpocket me

  2. M

    Ahh that good ol bethesda npc telepathy. Do something that nobody saw, instantly everybody knows what went down

  3. O

    I completed the story with a peacefull ending, and attacked the institute with the minutemen. but I still want his coat. if I kill elder maxson, do I get the quest that you blow up the blimb? Doe anybody know that?

    1. S
      Shogun Melon

      I am afraid not, that is only available in the institute quest line. If only…

      1. E
        Elder Maxson

        Actually, the minutemen do get the quest to destroy us and take down our prydwen in the quest “with our powers combined” I dont reccomend that tho… we have ALOT of vertibird And power armor

    2. E


      after completing the “Final” quest with the minutemen you will receive the quest “Our Powers Combined” which will have you jump through a series of hoops to destroy the brotherhood if you choose to complete this quest however I dont think you can find Maxson’s Battle cloak so take it buy force beforehand.

  4. U

    What if you have Danse as a follower, post BOS questline? Can you still kill him then? Without losing Danse?

    1. E

      assuming you spared him he is no longer classed as bos in the faction coding so Id assume it’s safe, that said I personally never did bos line so iunno?

  5. T

    Is it possible to complete most of the BOS questline, be sided with the minutemen, loot everything of value/kill Maxson and take his coat, thereby acquiring hostile status with the BOS, triggering With Our Powers Combined for the Minutemen?
    1) have most of the questline done for BOS
    2) get that sweet BOS reward loot
    3) get the glorious battlecoat
    4) take them down for the minutemen, can use vertibirds still that the minutemen have accquired.
    Seems like this would be the best way to go about it if it works, does anyone know if this method will work? Thanks.

  6. S

    If you side with the railroad you can kill/loot him and then upgrade his coat from 50 damage resistance to 160 with the Mk V ballistic weave. It’s glorious.

  7. E

    take from 3 Wikis.
    The Battlecoat must be obtained before starting the “The Nuclear Option” quest, other wise Maxson is flagged as essential and cannot be killed, making the battlecoat impossible to acquire

  8. J

    If you work with the institute until you piss off the brotherhood, then, kill Ayo and piss off the institute, then use the Minutemen to attack the institute, you still get the dialog with Father, then after you blow up the institute, Preston will immediately start with our powers combined. Then, fast travel to the Prydwin, in power armor, ignore everyone else, make your way to Maxon, kill him, take his coat, and it’s been upgraded. There best of both worlds.

  9. T

    If your on pc just enter the console command player.additem 001fe1a6

  10. B
    Billy Gale

    Or use the command console

  11. F
    Fred Harry

    Simply I bought from Sky-Seller 🙂

  12. K

    Before you meet maxon, the first time you board the pridwen go to maxon room, and the coat is sitting on his dresser. It’s gone the moment you meet with him

  13. M

    I had read online. I am about to try it within a day or two.

    That you can bump him off the pyraden. He does when he his the ground and you can loot his body for the coat. Long as he doesn’t land in water.

    Since you never “attacked” him the brotherhood doesn’t become hostile.

    1. K
      katten klauw

      where can you make his death look like a excident?

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