Fallout 4 Leaked Videos

Several videos of a leaked copy of Fallout 4 have started appearing all over the internet. Youtube and the like are banning them as fast as they can, but the smaller hosters are leaving them up in spite of the circumstances.
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Heavy spoilers beyond this point.

The first two videos cover the starting moments, in your family home, before the bombs fall. The character creation system was recorded as well (not the customization part, just the attribute sheet), so you can see what an unwise way to spend your SPECIAL points looks like. This part of the forbidden tour ends with entering the Vault.

The other two recordings show off part of a mission in the middle of post-apocalyptic Boston. The player invades a building full of Super Mutants, and there’s even a scene with a burning Dogmeat casually strolling through the place. At one point, the person playing gains a level and opens up the perk screen, going through all the perks before choosing.

Fallout 4 character creation male / female leaks

Fallout 4 Map preview

Sadly, no new features are shown in the videos. We’ll just have to wait for November 10th, which is when Fallout 4 launches on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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