Where to find shops and sell junk loot

While wandering throughout the wasteland of Boston, you will come across a lot of items that you can pick up and use as crafting materials in Fallout 4. Since your inventory space is limited (check out how to increase inventory space ), you’ll have to scrap or sell your junk loot.

fallout 4 where to sell junk

Where can you sell loot

You will come across many merchants in the game, but at the very beginning of the game the first shops / merchants where you can sell your junk loot are:
  • Drumlin Diner to the southeast of Concord, left of Starlight Drive In.
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  • Abernathty Farm to the west.
  • Diamond City. Near Centre of Map

How to scrap junk loot

  • If you want to quickly scrap loot, use drop option from your inventory, open workshop menu, point your weapon on dropped loot and press scrap button.
  • Don’t forget that in your workshop you can select the option “Store all junk”, and put all junk from your inventory directly into the workshop.
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  1. S

    hahaha this is literally common sense. stop wasting peoples’ time and give them a legitimate answer. You may as well have just written ”You can sell junk in game, fin.”

    1. J

      It helped me as I just started the game waste of breath……..

  2. R

    There are people that have not played this game before, and don’t know some of the basics. I learned about this game early on, because I researched it, and in my research, I look at wikis and watch youtubers, and therefore learn a ton about a game before i have it in my hand, it helps me to know if i want it, and what basic mechanics are early on in my gameplay. For example, I got fallout 4 about a week ago, but had been watching youtubers for weeks before that, learning about bosses, hidden locations, the best place to build a base, what to, and not to say to certain people, etc, and going in, i had learned what youtubers learned through weeks of trail and error. My point is, not everyone knows about the game, or may be as perceptive as others about said game, so be nice

    1. P

      If you did your research dear Ricky you would have know that beauty of fallout is in discovering and making mistakes. If you learn all good answers and secret locations what is the point of playing it. Suck #ss

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