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Lock Picking Bobblehead is a collectible statue in Fallout 4, which helps you open locked doors. The description on the figure reads “Always strive for the unobtainable”, and finding it will make lockpicking permanently easier. If you’re looking for another Vault-Boy figure, take a look at our Bobblehead Locations guide.

fallout 4 lock picking bobblehead


This bobblehead can be found in Pickman Gallery, on the coast of the bay. When you enter the gallery, there are two routes – if you can open Master locks, go straight into the kitchen and unlock the door to the basement (A). If not, go up to the top floor (B), then through a hole in the wall, then down until you reach the cellar. Watch out for the traps!

Follow the underground passages, clearing out groups of Raiders on your way. In the final room, you’ll find Pickman fighting a band of Raiders. The bobblehead is in that (final) room, on the floor next to the trash can.

lockpick bobblehead location

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