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Nick Valentine is a synth and NPC character you can recruit as your companion in Fallout 4. He’s a detective straight out of a noir film – smart, rash and prone to vice. This guide will show you Nick Valentine’s location, his abilities and perks, as well as how to raise his affinity level.

nick valentine fallout 4 companion
  • Name: Nick Valentine
  • Type: Synth
  • Location: Vault 114
  • Quest: Long Time Coming
  • Romance: No
  • Perk: Close to Metal

Nick Valentine’s Location

You will first encounter Nick Valentine as part of the main quest. Early in the main quest you will be sent to Diamond City to find more information about your son. As part of the quest Jewel of the Commonwealth you will be tasked with visiting Nick Valentine’s detective agency. Nick is not there and his secretary sends you to explore Park Street Station. When you enter Park Street Station you will face a lot of mobster-like enemies. It is a big place that even holds a vault. Vault 114 can be found at the end of Park Street Station and Nick is held in captivity inside it. Once you reach his location make sure you pick up the Speech Bobblehead on the desk behind Nick. You will have to do more of the main quest to unlock him as companion, but this is the location where you first actually meet him.

How to get Nick Valentine

When you go to Diamond City, you’ll receive a quest called Unlikely Valentine, which will lead you to Park Street Station (Vault 114), which is where you can recruit Valentine. Park Street Station is filled with mobsters and even on normal difficulty I faced several legendary enemies. At one point you will reach the entrance to Vault 114. Go inside and clear the rest of the enemies until you reach the room where Nick is locked. There is a mini-boss enemy at the door called Dino that you’ll have to dispose of to free Nick. As you try exiting Vault 114 you will have a choice to make whether to fight the mob boss and his girlfriend or diffuse the situation with high enough charisma. You’ll next have to go back to Diamond city, to Nick’s office and complete another main story quest. After you examine Kellogg’s house Nick will start a conversation with you at the end of which you will be able to use him as your companion.

Nick Valentine’s abilities & perks

Abilities: Valentine is good with a revolver – he starts with one that never runs out of ammunition. He’s also a decent hand-to-hand fighter and an excellent hacker/lockpicker – a good choice for low intelligence builds. He is extremely useful companion. His lockpicking will get you inside Expert lock safes and terminals and his medium range shooting is great during fights. You can basically ignore lockpicking/hacking perks and use Nick instead.
Perks: Close to Metal (One extra guess and 50% faster terminal cooldown when hacking)

How to reach maximum relationship level with Nick Valentine

Nick isn’t a potential romantic interest. The only way we know of raising his affinity towards the player is by finishing his quest and making choices from the table bellow. UPDATE: Nick dislikes any actions you take against the well being of regular synths. He will most likely not like you working a lot for the Brotherhood of Steel, and will probably support your actions for the Railroad. He also greatly dislikes any action you take against civilians. One of the things he likes is when you hack terminals yourself (thanks Kevin Manley for the tip).

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  1. T

    After the mission in which you relive Kellog’s memories, I told nick I would to my own way. I now cannot find him. Any help would be great!

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      He should be back in his detective agency in Diamond City. Did you look for him there?

      1. T

        First place I checked, only his assistant is there. He was sat on the sofa in the memory den right after he started talking like Kellog, he asked if I needed help (I said no because my lone wanderer perk is high) and he’s not there now either. Need him to hack some high level terminals for me.

        1. J

          open up console with ~ and type ‘prid 00002f25’ no quotes, hit enter, then ‘moveto player’ again no quotes, and when you hit enter Nick should be right behind you.

        2. C

          Check any of your settlements. All of my potential companions are at Sanctuary Hills.

    2. W

      If you haven;t found him already, he’ll be at Piper’s office waiting on the next Main mission. Same thing happened to me.

    3. E

      He might be at the memory den if your at the part of the man quest where he is waiting for you there

    4. O

      You might want to try looking where you found him. He is also can be found in publick occurrences.

  2. K
    Kevin Manley

    Nick also likes it when you successfully hack a terminal on your own.

  3. B

    When I was in Bunker Hill talking to the father and son at the bar towards the northwest corner, I said that helping synths (re: The Railroad) was a noble cause and got a subsequent notification saying “Valentine hates that.”

    Not sure if that’s a bug, if he just doesn’t like that I was disagreeing with the dad, or if he truly just doesn’t like that I want to help synths, which doesn’t really make sense to me…

    1. X

      I thought that was strange too, I reloaded and tried it with the negative option “synths are the enemy” and it flashed up that Valentine liked that? Strange.

      1. N

        When I look at Nick, I see a human companion, I don’t see a Synth. And I think he also sees himself like that. All of his memories are from the original human Nick Valentine, and he appreciates the kindness of humans who mostly accept him – whereas the Institute literally threw him in the garbage. So I don’t think he likes the Institute. He had no problem with me taking Synths out in the Reunions mission – he happily joined in.

      2. N

        I did the same but with Paladin Danse and he loved when I said saving syths was noble.

      3. B

        I selected the option that says synths are good and stuff, and it told me “Valentine loved that”

        I think it might just be a bug on your side.

  4. S
    Some One

    How do I equip armor on Nick Valentine?

    1. P

      Can’t. He only wears that coat. You can point him at power armor, though.

  5. A

    after the memory level, a part of Kellogg lives in nick. Sort of weird but Google nick Kellogg. It’s an actual person. He’s a basketball star from Ohio state. Coincidence or an Easter egg?

  6. D
    Dragonian Lord

    So can nick die. i think he died for me he is not in his agency or any of my bases just looking for some help

    1. N

      Check back at Piper’s office. I think he goes back there if you choose to take Piper with you at a certain point.

    2. P

      Or if you haven’t done the quest with Dr. Amari yet, Nick will be with her at The Memory Den in Goodneighbor.

  7. T

    Why doesn’t Nick V unlock anything for me? he can do terminals, but god forbid he does any advanced or expert door or safe. Whats up with that?

    1. V

      He can’t lockpick, it’s just terminals. If you want someone to open doors or safes, take Piper.

  8. O
    OpTic xSuLFuRiK

    I’ve been working with the railroad and unlocking any terminal I step across but I can’t seem to unlock the Long time Coming quest…. any advice?

  9. O

    I have completed the Long time Coming questline for Valentine but I did not receive his companion perk “Close to Metal” . Is this a bug or are you suppose to continue reaching a high affinity with Nick? As far as I know obtaining the quest Long Time Coming means that I’ve already reached a high affinity with him right?
    some help would be appreciated

    1. J

      You have to reach idolized affinity with Nick too.

  10. M

    How do you give your companion gifts? It says that they like it when you do, but i can’t figure it out

  11. W

    Just give a gift while trading, and don’t try to take somthing from him.

  12. S

    He dislikes stealing as well.

  13. L

    Know any way get rid of Nick Valentine permanantly?! I’ve moved him thru the workshop, but he shows right back up where I am and have also commanded him – more than once – to go to another settlement and he stays where he is.. glitch?.. bug? … what? Any ideas how to get rid of him? This guy’s making me want to down a 6 pack of Gwinnett badly since he’s always whining about the files for Eddie Winter. Oh… can’t kill him either since he respawns almost immediately and tries to kill ya back! LOL

  14. C

    If you want some backstory check out this vid of him and Dima from far harbor

  15. D

    Nick seems to be a great equipment scrounger as well. Several times he has picked up gear that I missed. I can tell it wasn’t stuff I dumped on him to carry stuff, because when I take the things he found from him that are legendary, I get the breakout music and “all right” just like I had picked it up the first time myself. He’s found rocket launchers and he found a legendary gauss rifle – which was a sweet find.

  16. A

    Is anybody else sad that you can’t marry valentine?

    1. K

      I used a mod to marry and romance with him

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