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Paladin Danse is one of the early companions in Fallout 4. He’s a paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel, which means he’s equipped with a Power Armor.
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This guide will show you where to find Paladin Danse, his perks and useful skills and how to raise his affinity.

paladin danse location
  • Name: Paladin Danse
  • Type: Human male
  • Location: Cambridge (police station)
  • Quest: None
  • Romance: Yes
  • Perk: Know Your Enemy

Paladin Danse Location

Danse is stationed in Cambridge, in the central part of the map, south-east of Sanctuary Hills. When you first arrive, you’ll see him fighting in the street in front of the police station.

How to get Paladin Danse

You’ll have to finish the first act of the main story first – this is when Brotherhood aircraft will start circling the sky. You’ll have to do a bunch of Brotherhood quests in order to recruit him. Once you complete the Tour of Duty quest, he’ll be available for hire. (thanks Lindsey and Kelly)

Paladin Danse customization

Danse’s abilities & perks

Abilities: Danse is a killing machine. He wears a Power Armor that doesn’t run out of fuel and uses a devastating laser gun.
Perks: Know Your Enemy (+20% damage against Ferals, Super Mutants and Synths)

How to reach maximum relationship level with Danse

Danse is your way into the Brotherhood of Steel. If you decide to join them, doing quests and gaining reputation in the faction will also improve your relationship with him. Be wary of making choices that are in favor of free use of tech. He’s also one of the romantic options.

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  1. N
    noah stewart

    *edited for spoilers*

      1. J

        Spoilers, yes he is.

      2. N


        Danse is revealed to be a *edited for spoilers* later in the game if you go through the Brotherhood of Steel questline. You will get a quest called Blind Betrayal and may be forced to kill *edited for spoilers* for being a *edited for spoilers*.

        1. F
          Fraser gill

          I done this up until you have to kill him and I managed to use speech on him but now he no longer has any of the gear I gave him prior to finding out *spoiler*

        2. L

          you don’t have to kill danse and neither does maxson it just depends on how you speek because i managed not to get danse killed

      3. Y

        He’s perk can only be gained after the quest without killing him I think.

    1. M

      Seriously dude? Way to drop a major spoiler. Not cool.

  2. A

    am I the only one struggling to get him? I did all the missions for him and nothing happened. only mission left is the repeated missions from haylen and the other guy, Am I missing anything?

    1. D

      Having the same issue here… in the Call to Arms mission, did you use the terminal to fire the engine?
      Doing that on him is the only reason I can think of that’d not have him available for me.

      1. A

        I fired on engine on him. He is available later on, and i think only when you join Bratherhood of Steel.

        1. D

          You can get him after you complete most of the story missions. He is available on the large chip that comes in after a certain point in the storyline.

    2. L

      You have to finish Act 1 of the main quest. to even get the brotherhood to come to the commonweath. Once you complete “Reuinon” the brotherhoods presence should be around with their helicopter things flying around the commonwealth. once you do more brotherhood quest he will be available 🙂

      1. K

        I got him as a companion once i was doing “Tour of Duty”

  3. M

    I haven’t been able to gain him as a companion either. I fired the engine on him in Call to Arms, but, in my defense, I had tried completing the mission without having to fire the engine and ended up dying multiple times. I initially thought I had to complete his side missions in order to get him, but I’m starting to find out that’s not the case :/ I even joined BoS in the hopes that it would open up the chance for him to follow me but still nothing. Is this a bug?

    1. C

      Has the giant brotherhood base arrived yet? You need to meet elder maxson and complete a few other quests before he can become a follower.

  4. C

    I need help with Danse. I gave him some power armour (T51-B) and equipped it onto him. But, when I took it away to store it, Danse didn’t put his original aormour back on. He’s just wearing a power armour frame with no peices on. I need to know wether or not I can get him to wear his armour again.

    1. K

      I am having the same issue

      1. C

        Did you find a fix for it? So far, dismissing him, changing companions, giving/taking other armours and waiting (patiently) for a patch haven’t worked.

        1. S

          This just happened to me.. It seems his carry weight is also much lower than normal, making him completely useless as a companion.. I doubt theres a fix for this other than patiently waiting or through console (which will disable achievements)

          1. J

            Console does not disable achievements.

        2. S

          It seems to be a known bug, I have made a thread on reddit and actually received a response that makes sense, And I quote..

          “its a known bug, danse armor pieces are considered “special equipment” (like every default companion weapon) so they wont appear in his inventory yet they are still there invisible taking space and weight and you cant order him to reequip them. lets hope it gets fixed or somebody write a mod to fix it”

    2. J

      Ask him to exit his power armor under the “talk” options,equip him with some crappy raider armor in the proper slots then the BOS stuff will appear in his inventory. then tell him to get back into the power armor

  5. K

    When you send danse back to Boston airport where does he go?! I’ve lost him!!

    1. C

      There is a chance he might have gotten trapped inside an inaccesible room. There is a door with a terminal next to it which is used later on in the game in a later quest which he may be behind. Unless you reload a previous save or complete more quests, there is no way of getting him back. Re-loading the game might work, though I haven’t tested it.

    2. D

      What you need to do is open the command console with your Tilde key (~) then type “prid 0005de4d” hit enter then type “moveto player” hit enter again and close the command console. He will be standing next to you. Hope this helps. And if you are on console then I am afraid you are shit out of luck.

      1. Thankyou so much for that command.. He was glitched in Arcjet systems somehow and when the brother hood came and i had to talk to him he was stuck, whenever i would enter the building he would be standing their under the ground shooting up a destroyed turrents and game would lag very bad.. this worked like a charm ! thanks man !

  6. A

    when you find out hes a syth and he runs away how do you get all the stuff you left with him>??? i left a bunch of good gear on him now idk how to get it back ??

  7. K

    For those of you struggling to get him as a companion you won’t be able to until after a main quest called “Reunions” which causes Danse to change locations away from the Cambridge Police Station. Rhys and Halen will continue to give you quests there all day because the are radiant. You only need to have done one radiant quest for each of them to fulfill the initial BoS quest after joining.

  8. T

    *Absolutely a spoiler.*

    Okay so for those of you who manage to keep him alive (through speech challenges) after you’re told to kill him, if you destroy the brotherhood and join the institute then he no longer will speak to you. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not but he won’t talk to me after I killed the brotherhood. What a douche.

    1. B

      I just went to see him after siding with the institute and he won’t speak to me. After saving his life you would thing he would say something.

  9. C

    *also major spoiler*
    I’ve got a bug where in the mission ‘blind betrayal’ I’m about to execute danse but instead danse is completely invincible , I’ve shot him in the head , I’ve shot him in the ass , hell I’ve even nuked him but he is just invincible!
    Anybody struggled with the same issue? Anyone managed to fix it?

  10. C

    I love having Danse as a companion. After completing the ‘Blind Betrayal’ quest I was unsure of keeping him as a companion for reasons only people who have gotten this far will understand. BUT just dismiss him when the need arises and then find him again when you have missions to do with anything un-human. He seems so far to be the best at killing and protecting. That and the fact he has a voice which makes you buckle at the knees!
    Cannot wait to see what else he can offer when the DLC’s come out!

    1. A

      Could you explain in further detail the steps you took to keep Paladin Danse and how you were able to keep him as a companion?

    2. R

      I hear you on the voice thing ..Hollah!

  11. Z

    Danse is hostile at me at police station, what do I do?

  12. M

    Ok so I’ve completed the quest Blind Betrayal. I’ve successfully talked him out about killing him as a synth also I’ve talked the intruder(Maxson) after following Danse out of the bunker to spare him. Now it’s just me and Danse, I’ve selected the dialogues closest to persuade him to still be my companion but he still wants to stay at the bunker. And so I fast travel away and back to the outpost to find him and try to open dialogue for companionship but I just couldn’t find him anymore. I’ve checked te police station and back at sanctuary where I rellocate all my companions. Still unable to find him. How and where do I find him :(????

    1. P

      You have to return to the Prydwen and speak to Maxon to close out Blind Betrayal before Danse will be your companion again. He basically tells you that when you ask “Can’t you just come with me?”. If you just leave, then return to the bunker without returning to the Prydwen and finishing up with Maxon, you’ll see the Vertibird on the Listening Post Bravo landing platform with Maxon waiting inside it. Once you have spoken to Maxon on the Prydwen, then you can return to the bunker and get Danse back.

      Be aware that as soon as you finish talking with Maxon on the Prydwen, he will tell you to go downstairs to talk to Capt Kells. This will trigger Tactical Thinking, which will immediately make you an enemy of the RR. Just a heads up. I bailed off the Prydwen before Kells could hit me up, went straight to the bunker, got Danse, and we went on our merry mutie killing way.

  13. Z

    I’ve been wondering (and possible spoiler alert) but after I betrayed the brotherhood (after completing Blind Betrayal with him still as a companion) I found I cannot recruit him again and he is now stuck at one of my settlements and i can only trade with him, but I cannot get him to travel with me.
    I am wondering if this is a bug or intentional, granted as it would make sense considering what he says after Blind Betrayal, but if it is a bug; wtf.

    1. F

      I am have the same problem.

    2. P

      If you betrayed the BOS then Danse will no longer be your companion, even if he was with you when you did it. Not sure what you did, but if you were in the middle of a fight with the Brotherhood with Danse as a companion, and you managed to kill a named soldier, like say Rhys, then Danse will immediately leave you and head back to the last settlement you had him assigned to. Unnamed BOS like “Brotherhood Knight” don’t phase him but if it’s one with a name, he loses his mind and it’s quits between you two.

  14. T

    I have a problem with Danse. After Blind Betrayal, he’s hanging out at the bunker. I left and returned, and talked to him, but he doesn’t give me the option to become my companion. All he says is “You’re a hell of a soldier” and some other lame platitude. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it bugged? I ran through Blind Betrayal twice, thinking I made the wrong choices, but I get the same result (I passed speech checks to save his life and convince Maxson not to kill him. I have NOT completed the quest because I’m not ready to make that faction choice.)

    1. P

      What you need to do is finish that quest and then speak to Danse. It doesn’t make you side with the Brotherhood, so don’t worry. What I did was leave the airport right after finishing the quest and I was able to get Danse as my companion, but the BoS will be your enemy while he’s with you, so keep that in mind!

  15. F

    After sending Danse back to Sanctuary and siding with the Institute he wont talk to me, I can only trade gear with him. He is also my romance in the game. I dont know what to do.

    1. P

      You became an enemy of the BOS when you sided with the Institute. Danse may have been outted from the order but he’s still loyal to the Brotherhood, so if they consider you an enemy, then so does he. Siding with the Institute is like sleeping with the enemy as far as he’s concerned and there’s no coming back from it.

  16. T

    I cant complete the last part of “the lost patrol” because Danse is my companion, everytime i go to ‘talk to paladin danse’ he asks me to travel with him.

    1. Z

      Dismiss him and then talk to him as he’s walking away. had the same issue

    2. O

      It’s goofy, it keeps telling you to report to Danse, but you have to instead report to Lancer Captain Kells.

    3. O

      I have the same problem, please help! ANYONE!

    4. E

      Did you manage to sort it… Whatever I try is not working?!

  17. H

    It’s been ages that I took danse into the team and after 10 days I still have NOT gotten his goddamn skill… He is such an annoying bastard and I want to get rid of him so badly _._ Almost think he’s broken or bugged -.-

  18. A

    Having same issue with Danse. I am far along enough(lvl 75) and did enough actions to get his affinity maxed, but for some reason, it won’t trigger the final conversation. Been trying for 20+ game hours trying to get his perk, so I can side with the Institude. That 20% damage is huge and I would hate to miss out.

  19. H

    My question about Danse: I completed all the quests until he’s assigned to follow you. I left him somewhere and now I can’t find him. Sadly, he doesn’t appear on the map like your Power Armor. Thanks!!

    Been meaning to research the term Prdywen and here you go. Among MANY other things it is the name of Arthur’s ship.
    Preiddeu Annwfn or Preiddeu Annwn (English: The Spoils of Annwfn) is a cryptic poem of sixty lines found in Middle Welsh in the Book of Taliesin. The text recounts an expedition with King Arthur to Annwfn or Annwn, probably a British otherworld. Prydwen or Pridwin, called in the Mabinogion, the ship of King Arthur. It was also the name of his shield. Taliessin speaks of it as a ship, and Robert of Gloucester as a shield:

    Hys sseld that het Prydwen.
    Myd ye suerd he was ygurd, that so strong was and kene;
    Calybourne yt was ycluped, nas nour no such ye wene.
    In ys right hond ys lance he nom, that ycluped was Ron.

    “So Twrch Trwyth with his seven pigs crossed the sea into Wales, and Arthur followed with his warriors in the ship “Prydwen”.” Celtic Myth and Legend Poetry and Romance by Charles Squire. Chapter XXII

  20. D

    I got him really easily. I went to the police station and helped him fight the Gouls and then he asked me if I wanted to be a brother and I said yes. Then I only had to do the call to arms mission (I sort of blew him up) and when we came back he wanted me to see the headmaster in the airport base. Once I came there I talked to the headmaster I went back to him and he said he would be my sponsor/companion. He’s literally the best companion ever. You never have to do anything.

  21. M
    Michelle Mauler

    How many quests do you have to do, before you get the next part? I’ve done Missing Patrol and three of those “kill everything” quests for Rhys and three “get the thingy” quests for the other one, but nothing else has happened here. Should I just write Danse and the Brotherhood off and play the game as if they just aren’t part of it?

    1. P

      Haylen and Rhys will send you on endless quests until the end of time. Forget about them. Next time you go to the Cambridge PD, turn on your radio to their channel. You should hear an announcement telling all BOS personnel to report in. Once that happens, it’s time to go meet up with Danse and head to the rooftop to get on the Vertibird and head for the Prydwen.

      Just a hint… getting unhooked and out of the Vertibird uses the same controls as getting out of your power armor.

  22. C

    How do I find Danse after I have gained him as a companion? I am very early in the game. I am level 18. I completed Tour of Duty and Show No Mercy (secure Fort Strong) quest with Danse. After I cleared Fort Strong, I spoke with Maxson to complete the quest. I then sold and bought some stuff from the guy in arms cafe in the Prydwen Main Deck. I then went to Sanctuary to store my stuff. I assumed Danse would come with me, but I cannot find him anywhere. Any ideas? Please and thank-you. (I am on PS4.)

  23. J

    I’ve been travelling with Danse as a companion for a while. Why does he still have that green mark over his head as though I’ve got unfinished business with him? When I go to Data, it tells me that I have to talk to him. But when I talk to him nothing special happens to make the green mark go away.

    1. E

      Try talking with captain Kells instead, if you’re working on Lost Patrol mission

  24. M

    can i get paladin danse as an companion i have only killed the ghouls in cambridge police station and after that i destroyed prydwen and institute and now i don’t find danse anywhere not in police station airport arcjet systems or listening post bravo so can someone help me or tell me where to find him or can i even find him anymore.

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