Robot Customization in Automatron | Fallout 4

If you’d like to take on a robot companion in Fallout 4, the Automatron DLC has what you’re looking for. The bots can be turned into anything – fighters, medics, hackers – all thanks to robot cusomization. There are dozens of parts you can use to finely tune the looks and abilities of your robot buddies. This guide will show you robot customization options in Automatron, what different parts look like on a bot, how to customize robots.

Each body part can be customized using several slots, allowing you to create hundreds of combinations. For example, you can change both the front and rear plate of a chest piece / torso. You can get new pieces for robot building by either crafting them, or looting them from dead robots.

You can change the color of your bot for free, but there’s only a handful of choices. They’re all solid colors, with no fancy patterns like the ones we saw on power armors. We’ll add more customization options as we progress through the DLC content, and hopefully unlock new, interesting things.

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