How To Customize Robots in Automatron | Fallout 4

Robot customization is a new feature in Fallout 4, added with the Automatron DLC. It allows you to build your own robot companions, change their appearance and tweak them under the hood to make them more powerful.
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This guide will show you how to customize robots in Fallout 4, using the new stuff from the Automatron DLC.

how to customize robots in automatron fallout 4

How to build & customize Automatrons

During one of the DLC quests, you’ll get to build a Robot Workbench in your settlement. This is the station that allows you to create your own robot companions. Here’s a list of perks you’ll need, in order to unlock its full potential:
  • Science
  • Robotics Expert
  • Armorer
  • Blacksmith
Once you access the bench, you can either pick an existing robot, or create a new one. If want to customize the one you already have, you can replace its head, torso, legs, voice, paint and both hands separately. There are dozens of options for each slot – some add to the functions of the robot, enhance its damage resistance and give it more ways to fight, while others are purely cosmetic.

At first, you’ll need to use junk items and crafting ingredients to create these parts. As you progress through the missions, hostile robots will start dropping parts. If you pick them up, you’ll be able to use them as upgrades for your own robots.

Building a new robot requires some crafting materials. Each time you build, you’ll get a base version, which you can then reshape into whatever you want. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Rubber x6
  • Circuitry x6
  • Ceramic x9
  • Aluminum x11
  • Adhesive x8

Robot Customization Tips

Here are some things we’ve found out during our travels, which will hopefully make your life easier:

  • Look at the stats and the description of a piece before you install it. Each of them has unique capabilities, and some are better suited to fighting/carrying stuff/moving around than others. For example, Sentry parts are great for combat, while Mr Handy is the best at carrying around your loot.
  • The chest piece of a Sentry bot allows you to equip more weapons.
  • Bots rarely use the weapon you put in their right hand, so don’t rely on it too much while planning.
  • The Assaultron and Robobrain heads have built-in weapons (laser and plasma, respectively). If you’re not too worried about looks, always use these, as they give you an extra weapon.
  • The Robotics Expert perk is only mandatory for unstable parts – they’re better, but cannot be repaired. If they break down, you have to craft new ones.
  • You can customize Codsworth and Curie (if she’s still a robot), but you have to take them as companions at least once after you’ve installed the DLC.
  • If you’ve given Codsworth a hat, you might want to skip customizing him. After he’s been at the Robot Workbench, he won’t be able to wear hats anymore.
  • Rust Devils are a great way to get new robot parts, or even robot-based items for your character.
  • Robots can be used as settlers – they don’t contribute to the number, but they can live in a settlement and work the land or guard it. They can’t be vendors, either by design or thanks to a bug.
  • Settlements can also be attacked by robots now.
There are rumors saying you can build special robots to go around and scavenge for you, but we haven’t been able to confirm them yet. We’ll update the guide when we find out if it’s really possible.

Source: Reddit