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Strong is a Super Mutant NPC in Fallout 4. He enjoys reading Sheakspeare and can be recruited as a companion.
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His exceptional strength and resilience make him a wonderful ally on the battlefield. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Strong, what abilities and perks he has and how to increase his affection towards you.

strong companion fallout 4
  • Name: Strong
  • Type: Super Mutant male
  • Location: Trinity Tower
  • Quest: None
  • Romance: No
  • Perk: Berserk

Strong’s Location

fo4 companion strong map locationStrong is located in Trinity Tower, a bit east from Diamond City. He is being held prisoner there, in a cell on the top of the tower. When you go near the tower, you’ll start receiving the Trinity Tower radio signal. If you tune into it, you’ll get a quest called Curtain Call.

How to get Strong

strong trinity tower keyYou’ll have to finish the Curtain Call quest, in which you climb the tower and fight off a bunch of Super Mutants. When you reach the penultimate floor, you’ll have to fight a mini-boss called Fist. When you defeat him, look for a man in a cage. After you talk to Rex and Strong, go to the terrace on the top and get the Trinity Tower Cell Key from the chest. Once you release them, just stay hidden and let them fight instead. When you’ve escaped, talk to Rex. After that conversation, you’ll be able to recruit Strong.

Strong’s perk & abilties

Abilities: He is armed with a giant hammer and wears no armor. He also starts with a short pipe rifle, but hasn’t got infinite ammo for it. You can loot a bunch of Super Mutant armor from Trinity Tower and equip him with it.
Perk: Berserk (When below 25% health, melee weapon damage increases by +20%)

How to increase relationship level with Strong

Strong cannot be romanced. His current goal in life is looking for compassion (or “the milk of human kindness”, as he calls it), so acting in a compassionate manner towards others will almost certainly score you points with him. He dislikes morally corrupt acts (stealing, picking locks, etc), but doesn’t have anything against looting dead bodies.

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  1. G

    he also dislikes when you step into power armor regarding it as “human needs steel armor to fight as good as strong”

  2. M

    He is really weird, he loves when you’re killing humans and likes even cannibalizing corpses and still he likes when you are helping others.

  3. A

    Does anyone know where Strong goes afterwards if you don’t recruit him? I was trying to talk to him but maybe it was a glitch but he wouldn’t speak to me so at this point I didn’t know you could recruit him so he wandered off.

    1. H

      He goes to the third floor. I went back and got him later.

      1. B

        He always goes back to a settlement for me, mainly the drive in. He’s still me favorite though. Less inane chatter than the rest.

  4. A

    “He dislikes morally corrupt acts (stealing, picking locks, etc)”
    Ehh not true at all. He actually likes it when u steal (+1affinity) He does dislike when u pick locks or hack terminals, but he sais “stop fiddling start smashing” or somthing, he just wants to kill stuff. He loves when u kill humans and do sidequests to help ppl, so ez way to get him to 1000 is to do Minutemen quests and kill raiders and stuff.

    1. A
      Avery Newton

      Not when I played, He hated lock picking, Me entering Power Armor or stealing. Im playing Rn and he does NOT like it!

  5. B

    He always goes back to a settlement for me, mainly the drive in. He’s still me favorite though. Less inane chatter than the rest.

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