Fallout 4 Survival Update Coming Soon

Responding to a tweet from a grumpy fan, Bethesda has revealed that the free update containing the Survival Mode for Fallout 4 will appear on the Steam beta branch of the game soon. They haven’t given a concrete timeframe, but you can look forward to it in the coming weeks.

The new difficulty setting is supposed to make the game much harder, with an emphasis on new mechanics, like forcing you to sleep and eat. Here are some of the changes you can expect:
  • Combat will be harder, with both you and the enemies dealing more damage. Crippling wounds won’t heal themselves anymore.
  • When your companions fall in combat, you’ll have to heal them. They still won’t be able to die, but you’ll have to heal them if you want them on their feet.
  • A new perk will be added – Adrenaline – which will increase your damage output between rests based on the number of kills you perform. Resting will reset it.
  • The only way to save your progress will be sleeping for at least an hour.
  • Exceeding the carry weight limit for a longer period will impact your stats and do damage.
  • New ways to get sick will be added – overuse of chems, eating raw meat, etc. You’ll have to craft medicine to cure your ailments.
  • Fatigue is a new thing you’ll have to keep track of – it will accumulate and impact your Action Points if you don’t eat, drink and sleep regularly.
  • Ammunition will have weight – the bigger the caliber, the heavier the bullet.
  • Fast travel will be disabled – you’ll have to plan your movements wisely, to avoid exposing yourself to the wasteland too much.
Thanks to ShaneD53 for the survival mode info
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    I’m very excited for this update! I remember in Fallout NV that doing hard mode all of the aspects such as eating, sleeping and ammo weight was applied for afun but challenging experience.

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