Where to find X-01 Power Armor | Fallout 4

Power Armor X-01 is a suit of power armor in Fallout 4. It is the best one in the game, and can only be obtained by high level characters.
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Its look suggests it originates from the Enclave. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the X-01 power armor in Fallout 4, its stats and how it looks.

X-01 Power Armor Locations

You can only get this armor after a certain level. We found them at level 40, but when we tried to get them with a level 30 character, T-60s appeared in their places. We don’t know the exact level requirement, but make sure you save your game before you look for them, in case you’re still not strong enough to get them.

Update: A new set of X-01 has been added with the Automatron DLC. You can find it at the Fort Hagen Satellite Array, after you’ve finished the mission inside (Headhunters). Return once you’re done with the quest, and go to the large hall with the hanging robots. There’s a cage on the left side of the room, and the set is in a power armor station behind it.

A set of X-01 is in Installation K-213, in the Glowing Sea (south-west of the map). You’ll access it through a trapdoor in the Abandoned Shack on the western border. There’s a bunch of synths down there – if you’re a friend of the Institute, they’ll ignore you. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight them. The power armor is on the lowest floor, behind the stairs. It’s missing the left arm and right leg, sadly.

The second one, X-01 Mk.III, is near the Custom House Tower (on the coast east of Diamond City). You’ll find a building called Court 35 a bit south-west from the marker. Enter it and use the elevator to get to the top. You’ll be attacked by several robots – when you defeat them, go into the previously hidden rooms from which they came, and press the red buttons on the walls in each. This will open the glass cell with the armor.

There are some pieces in the National Guard Training Yard. They are in the armory, behind the main building. You’ll have to either pick a master lock or hack a master terminal (in the barracks) to enter. Once inside, watch out for the traps – if you trigger them, a giant sentry robot will be waiting outside when you leave.

Halfway down the road between Nordhagen Beach and Fort Strong, there’s a concrete guardhouse. You’ll find the armor inside – there’s no security whatsoever, so you can just walk in and take it.

There’s a full suit at the South Boston Military Checkpoint, south-east of Diamond City. Go behind the building, and you’ll see a cage with the armor. Crack the expert terminal by the door to get inside.

Power Armor X-01 Stats

The X-01 is the best power armor in the game, bar none. It has the highest resistances of all. You’ll have probably finished the game before finding it, but it’s a nice thing to have, especially if you don’t mind it evoking memories of the Enclave.

Complete Set12207901050
Left Arm170110150
Right Arm170110150
Left Leg170110150
Right Leg170110150




  1. D

    I am level 28 and already have went to those locations, but i have found a t-51 if I go again when i am level 40 will a x-01 appear? Or is there another option on how to get a x-01?

    1. D

      I actually got one in the National Guard Training Yard, there is a little room in the back that I believe was behind a Master lock and maybe even a Master terminal as well. Maybe you’ll get that one there too. I was somewhere between 30 and 35 when I got it.

      1. K

        It was not x01 and I’m 52

        1. M
          Mike Honcho

          Same here, I found a frame with 3 pieces on a crashed vertibird around Murkwater Construction Site.

        2. M

          I have a theory about this. I have tried the 35 court one multiple times and im level 27, all i get is t-60. I think it may have to do with luck level. I have luck 3 and i never find x01 armor.

          1. G

            You’re too low of a level. 40+ Has a greater chance of x-01 armor.

          2. A

            I just did it as a level 28 and my luck is only at 1.

          3. I was successful here on my first try at level 33

        3. S

          its random but its 30+

        4. F
          Fallout geek

          I’m level 52 and I didn’t find any X-O1 armour

    2. R

      you don’t have to be 40 to get it i’m level 32 and found it

      1. S

        i believe they start to spawn after lvl 30 or something like that (at least 32)

        1. D

          Im level 39 and went to that court 35 but only got a t51 ! Why?

          1. G
            Gosu No0b

            Are you sure it is t-51? The armor at court 35 looks like t-51 because of the bug in the game, but when you look at its components it is x-01.

          2. H

            It was a T-51 for me too, until I actually entered it. Then it turned into X-01

          3. A

            More strange…

            I’m level 26 and got a T-60 ! I don’t need it since i got one when joined the BoS !

        2. F

          You have to be level 28+ to get the power armour. I got it when I’ve only just got to level 28.

          1. N

            This is correct. I too found my first X-01 armor at level 28. I am getting each one in the list and every single one has been X-01.

          2. J

            Could be affected by the difficulty you play on as well

          3. Z

            I found a full set at level 28 in 35 court.

          4. M

            YEa he right even doe this is late level 28 you have to be for it to spawn there i was level 27 i kill swan and discovery the area turn level 28 went back it use to spaw t 60 but when i turn 28 it was t 60 label as xo 1 you just have to go in it for it to change to xo 1

      2. R
        Roman Guzman

        Level 28 found the x-01, should I leave it alone and level up to at least 30 to acquire mk3?

          1. B

            I’m level 49 and I got it mark lll

        1. B

          Just so newer players know, that’s not how it works. You can’t leave a Power Armor after you’ve found it and come back later to find a better version in its place. The Power Armor that spawns in any given place does so by a certain set of criteria, including the players level.

          Before the players level is taken into account, it seems the area the player finds it is considered. There are maps out there that show bands that indicate the gradient of enemy levels in the world, which should give a general idea of what the lowest base Power Armor should spawn, higher the level, the better base armor should spawn. So the set near the Olivia Satellite Array will be a lower level set, no matter what level your character finds it is, then, say, one found in the Glowing Sea. So, say, T-45 near Olivia and, say, X-01 in the Glowing Sea.

          This is also to say that if you come to an area for the first time after, say, 50, you may find a better vesion of the same version OR a better set of Power Armor all together. So say you go to the set near Olivia (just to continue the example) at 50 you may find T-51 armor. But the armor at that spot will never reach up to X-01 because the lower general level of area doesn’t allow for it.

          But (!) if you found the set when your level 15, the set will always be the set found at 15 from there out. So if you went to the Glowing Sea at 15, you’ll likely find the lowest level of the base set that spawns there. So lets say you go to a spot that can X-01, then you’ll only find base 0-X1 armor, and not a higher mark of it. This is because the game seems to spawn the set at the level the character first enters the area and locks that level in until you pick up the armor, even if you’ve leveled up quite a bit between going to that area for the first time and picking up the Power Armor.

          It also should be noted that no new Power Armor will spawn in the spot after it’s been taken. The only way to do that is on the PC, with some console commands.

    3. N

      No, the X-01 power armor will only spawn at level 31or higher. Even if you are level 31 or higher, most commonly, the set will not be complete in any of the locations. You’ll have to search all of them at lvl 31 or up to get a full set, because it is so powerful.

      1. A

        No. The X-01 spawns earlier than 31. The set IS complete in the 35 Court spot.

        1. U

          It’s randomized dumbass

          1. B

            no he is right the one in court 35 is ALWAYS a FULL Power armor

            so who is the dumbass now mate

          2. J

            NO it depends on your difficulty the higher difficulty the higher chance of finding one

          3. S

            its randomized at lvl 28

        2. H

          Agreed. 35 Court had the full X-01 armor in the room. And was nice enough to give me a free fusion core.

          1. T

            I found my way to 35 Court at like level 12 or something, and only got the T-45b Armor. 🙁 I have yet to find anything higher than T-51 and I’m at level 32 now. Only been playing about a week and a half…

        3. N

          This is totally false. I found my first X-01 armor at level 28. I am getting each one in the list and every single one has been X-01. I have about 4 from the list and I’m still only level 29.

      2. N

        This is 100% false. I found my first X-01 armor at level 28. I am getting each one in the list and every single one has been X-01 and I was level 28-29 since finding my first one. I have about 4 now and I’m just now level 29.

      3. E
        Emily Hall

        If you want the X-01 you need higher a higher difficulty and then it’ll spawn got mine at lvl 30 on survival at 35

      4. F

        Bruh X-01 spawns at level 28, and the 35 Court spawn is ALWAYS a full set, though at incomplete set spawn sites if you’re higher level there is more chance you’ll get a full set.

    4. S

      I was only level 27 getting it but i had trouble finding it i found one at the glowing sea but was only half together then i went to the checkpoint close to the castle base and i got a full suit the rest of the places i got the t60 or the t51

    5. K

      If you went to these locations at <28 they will be "locked" to your lower level. Fallout4 uses cells on the map to level scale the world. The first time you enter an area, that is when the level of everything in that area is determined. Including armors. You'll need to go to these locations AFTER you reach level 28, or the armors will be locked to lower level and therefore T series instead of X.

    6. F

      You have to be level 31+ to gte the X-01

    7. E
      Enrique Flores

      I was level 28 when i went to court 35 to get mine, it spawned there at mark I so you can get it before 30

      1. E

        Same here, level 29 when I got mine from court 35

    8. J
      Jacob M

      I found mine at the National Guard Training Yard armory when I was doing the Lost Patrol mission. I can’t remember the level I was at exactly but I was in my mid 20’s. I did have high hacking and lockpicking skills though. Other than that out was just ghouls I worried about. I got inside the armor and when the sentry was waiting outside I just took off running until I was far enough to fast travel to base.

    9. N
      Nick Kubash

      Man im lvl 45 and all i get is two or three pieces of rusted X-01. More wandering is required before I try again. Just reload to a point before you explored the different locations. At a high enough level, the full suit is bound to spawn.

    10. H

      There is a set of x0-1 in the tunnel…you’ll find on the Bobbi no nose quest. Find her in good neighbor in alley behind Daisy’s

      1. B

        Not always true. In my last playthrough the frame in the tunnel was incomplete and no pieces that were there were X-01. I was well over lv28 when I did this quest

    11. J

      Yes you have to be level 40 for the X-01 armor to apper.

      1. R

        Not true. I found the Helmet, torso, right and left arm to the X01 power armour at level 28 near the glowing sea but yet to find the right and left leg…. but every players journey is different.

    12. A

      The armor that spawns is not only dependent on your level. If you have passed by it previously at a lower lever, that levels armor will spawn there and it will not level up when you come to get it later. Even though you may not have seen it as long as it spawns in it will stay that level. I am level 57 and I have found more than a few T45’s in some of the spawn locations for this reason. In addition the suit on top of 35 court should be a full suit of X-01 if you are level 31 or above, but it is not a guarantee (the same rule stated still applies).

      1. S

        Lvl 29 and the full set was at 35 court

    13. E

      I found one (not complete), infact I had found three but was still missing the right arm so had to Google it. Whilst doing silver shroud quest, a ghould lady starts a quest called “the dig” or something. During the tunnel exploration it is hidden behind a secret wall that you can break, so just keep an eye out for all breakable walls during that part of the quest

    14. R

      I tried returning to a location where I grabbed the t-51 before lvl 31 and its not there so no

    15. B

      If u can’t git another x-01 go and join the atom cats and what 2 days and you can have the x-01 full set that’s what my brother did!!

      1. E

        Why wait 2 days???

        1. N

          2 days is the refresh of an inventory stock, so every 2 days the atom cats can sell you a new frame and various power armor bits.

    16. X

      I only got lvl 60 from training yard.
      Found x10 by heading south on road from Natick PD… soon as road ends by military vehicle there is a x10 just sitting there!

    17. J

      Im level 28 too and I found X-01 there I found T-51 at level 15 and T-60 at level 20. Weird.

    18. O

      Found my full set at s.Boston military checkpoint

      1. M

        How i went there and opened it and it was t51 and not xo1 and im level 40

    19. N

      I found my first X-01 armor at level 28. I am getting each one in the list and every single one has been X-01. I’m currently level 29.

      1. Y

        I got an X-01 head from the Prydwen. You have to have master hacking skills though to get through the door. You need to sneak to steal it, with a fat man, 1-2 mini-nukes, a gauss rifle, and many materials. I did this at level <20

    20. R

      I`m at level 95 and i went to Boston checkpoint for the first time and armour was a t45, missing the left arm. I guesx its just random.

    21. J

      Near big Ben’s salvage where you find the railway rifle down the road there is a set missing a leg and arm at a military checkpoint I got it at lvl 27

    22. X

      No, sadly power armor does not respawn

    23. T

      No once you been there and collected Armor then it don’t reappear. I collected the armor from the gate house at level 28 and it was a t-60 went back when I reached level 34 and there nothing to collect ?

    24. M

      it may be glitched. since the armor may look like t51 but it just an x01

    25. R

      I found a complete set of xo1 power armour at the national guard training yard next to county crossing. I am level 45

    26. W
      Wasteland God

      Go to court 35. I got the x01 at halfway between 28 and 29. I think it’s just a random thing once you’re a high enough level

  2. A

    Another set (suit, torso, legs) is located south east of nordhagen beach. Just follow the road and go into the little building. There are no enemies or locks. It just sits there.

    1. A

      Well spotted, just cleared nordhagen at lvl 31 and now have started the search for x-01 armour. To find post this whilst still on the beach was a bonus. +1 and thank you Sir.

  3. J

    I’ve been to all these places at around level 25 or 24 and the x-01 was in every spot mentioned here for me. Level 31 now and have gotten an easy go with this armor.

    1. N

      This is correct. I too found my first X-01 armor at level 28. I am getting each one in the list and every single one has been X-01.

  4. I

    T60 in Abandoned Shack for me

    1. I

      lvl 26, too early i guess

  5. J

    I just used the command coc qasmoke and it brought me to an area with a lot of full suits of armor, regardless of level.

    1. S

      Yeh but that is on PC and is considered cheating. In that room you can get EVERYTHING in the game for nothing. Did you want to play this game for real, or did you just want to cheat? You may as well simply hit the end game complete main quest line button while you are at it since this game is about survival, not just winning.

      1. Z

        holy shit why so passive aggressive? is it because you wasted money on this game for a shit “next-gen” console and you can’t respect how other people play the game?

        1. Q

          Pretty sure that was more aggressive-aggressive than passive-aggressive.

          1. R
            Rusty Shackleford

            Sometimes people hear a word or phrase for the first time and then try to force it into any sentence they can. As a PC gamer, I sort of wish that guy would stop making the rest of us look like consumerist idiots whose identity is defined by what they buy.

        2. K

          …says the guy showing disrespect for someone because they choose to play on console instead of PC.

      2. B

        Is that so ? “Game is about survival”. So, you never get killed ? And if you did, did you just start over at beginning?
        To some folks, save game is just another form of cheating except when leaving the game.
        Just saying– “He without sin, cast the first stone”.

        1. C

          It’s just a game. Jesus.

          1. D

            Calm down everyone like Cody said, its just a game, but I feel it was unnecessary to mention that cheat room, of course you can find it there.

  6. D

    Min lvl req is 28. and that is just getting a chance to find it. higher lvl 35+ will give you a whole better chance.

  7. B

    Are you guys sure this is the best suit I have
    BOS V T-60d which has the all the same states except the BOS V had higher energy resistance.

    1. F

      It’s because yours is upgraded. Those stats are not upgraded. Fully upgraded, I believe this has roughly 1800 damage resistance.

  8. E

    Around the 4:20 mark in the video the suit is T-51 not X-01, either the inventory is wrong or the suit is is glitching(something similar happened to me) out.

  9. B
    bradley agren

    I found one in the swampy area next to a vertibird at lvl 28 but it’s missing helmet and right leg

    1. D

      I found the same suit but it is missing the 2 arms and helmet.

  10. B
    bradley agren

    And I found 51 in court 35

  11. F

    Oh, and heads up. Went to the abandoned shack, or “Installation K-213”, at level 32. It was a full set of X-01 except a missing right leg.

  12. B

    Found one with one arm and helmet missing during the big dig mission.

  13. J

    I found mine when escorting the Beer serving robot on the way to good neighbours on lvl 40. It had all pieces X-01 Power Armor

  14. S

    found mine in Court 35, and it was a complete – FULL – set of Mk. III armor. I’m glad I didn’t have to reload until I got that, because I got it on my first try at level 49.

  15. A

    There are about 20 places for leveled power armor to spawn, they will spawn depending on your level, so dont be scared if you already took those 3,just make sure you leave some behind for when youre lvl 30+

  16. K

    I found the X01 right leg , left leg , right arm and torso while doing the Quest Big Dig by Bobby no-nose in Goddneighbor , to find it make sure you find and dig all the wall and you’ll find a room with the X01 power armor right in front of you , hope this help 🙂

    1. K

      i am lv 39 at that time

  17. L

    Everything is random guys – just save before reveal the location.lvl 34 i recive the armor w/o right arm and leg in the big dig quest. then after 20 reloads i mange to recive the needed parts from ashtray .. every time it give me diferents parts.Just save before discover the location and try ..

  18. R

    I was level 37 and found the full set of X-01 all Mk3 at the last place

  19. C

    *Light Spoilers*

    I actually found 4/5ths of the armour (no helmet) during the Dig mission where you’re trying to rob Diamond City vault with Bobby. I honestly cannot give you an exact location but it was towards the start behind one of the walls the robot breaks down. FYI don’t get out if you can your “partner” steals it.

  20. M

    there’s also one east of jamaica plain under a collapsed highway submerged in water. it’s not a full suit though

  21. J
    justin marlow

    I’ve just found two parts at lvl 29

  22. N

    So I’m lvl 29 and I just found a full set of x0-1 at S. Boston Military checkpoint, get Valentine or be able to hack an expert terminal first though.

  23. B
    Bill preston

    I found one at an unmarked location west of the murkwater construction site. It will be next to a crashed virtabird. A leg and arm were missing.

  24. M

    Went to Court 35 and I can see the armour through the window but it’s glitched
    The Assaultron and sentry bot have already spawned and I can’t get the doors on the sides to open

      1. K

        Did you find any solution ? It’s so frustrating

        1. W

          Push the red buttons in the rooms where the bots came out of

          1. B

            To open the doors you have to push both red butons in too diferent doors ( if you look to the armour inside the room, one buttpn to your left and one to your right). and the door will open. For combat the robot, just go down to the ramp, the robot can not go down, and you just have to wait him to go on cool down for few seconds and attack him. Than hide yourself again until next cool down…

  25. J

    I’m lvl 28 and I’ve found two x-01. One at S. Boston Military checkpoint and another one closeby.

  26. A
    Antonio Figueroa

    I got into the room in the National Guard Armory, and all that was there was a frame, no armor pieces at all. I was at Level 31 at the time. If I go back will the pieces be there?

  27. D

    Found a set after killed Mireluk King while doing The Big Dig quest.

  28. C

    haven’t get into any X-01 but salvaged 2 sets of T-60 by killing some cheap ass BOS guys on their ventbird buzzing near my settlement.

  29. Z

    Worked for me: (Quicksave is your friend)
    -Went to 35th Court @lvl 26, there was just a T-60
    -Darn (loaded quicksave so it was still undisvovered)
    -Leveled up to 28, actually found a partial X-01 near the Posioden Plant.
    -Went back to 35th Ct, saw there was still a T-60 through the window
    -Decided to beat the gaurd-bots anyways to check it out since i heard about some glitches
    -When the door opens, whole X-01 suit lookin back at me
    -Hallelujah (luck is at 7, dont know if it matters)
    Hope this helps!

  30. S

    Okay well the level you need is 32 and so far ive found two spots this armor appears. One in a small building im assuming is a gate house leading to fort strong where you can also locate cannon balls on the exterior by the cannons for the broadsider the other is previouesly mentioned above at the abandoned shack.

  31. D

    I’m lvl 29. I saved my game, went to Court 35, got myself a T60.
    I reload my save files, went to Court 35 again, I got an X-01.
    Although at first it looked like an X-01 with T51 helmet through the window. Strange stuff.

  32. T

    WTF im level 50 and all i get is t60 and t45

    1. T

      Same with me, I’m level 44 and can’t find x01 armor anywhere.

  33. J
    John the Gamer

    Can you see those shipping containers behind the armory in the picture of the National Guard Training Yard?

    There’s a full suit in the cyan colored container, including a fusion core. It’s behind a master level locked door. I don’t think it’s level bound btw.

    1. R

      this is so upseting its t51 for me every time i reload it will switch to x-01 and when i get in it it jumps back to t51

  34. G

    I was level 45 and only found an X-01 in 35 court.

  35. B

    All I fucking got was damn T-60

  36. E

    During the quest THE BIG DIG. Use Mel’s robot to break open one of the first auxiliary walls after you enter the caves, there should be set being guarded by king mire lurk, its missing right leg and arm.

  37. P

    Beat the game as BoS, Currently 6 Days on last Auto Save, Level 55 on Survival mode with 3 Full Mach VI X-01 Suits.

    Ok so while reading most of your comments, which are just repeats of what most sites are saying, full sets are a RNG crap shoot, So if you dont get the armor by the methods above, To me This is the most effective way to get X-01. After you have beat the main story line, you will notice while wandering, You will start to see Epic little many battles pop up at Random, Help defend the checkpoints, and after killing all the opposition, go around where your Brotherhood Allies have landed and started the battle, You will notice there is always a random suit somewhere around the Original Point of Battle. I searched for 4 whole days for X-01 armor, with no luck. After wandering the wastelands for 3 days, with my Later method of helping secure checkpoints, I have found 3 sets. So it seems the best places to find X-01 is where you see epic little mini battles, out of the blue. This is just my personal experience with the game, and getting X-01 Sets. CHEERS AND HAPPY HUNTING!!

    1. J
      Johnny K

      Agreed mate. I filled out a second set helping the Brotherhood defend checkpoints. They’re a great place to look. I’m lvl 55 as well. Got my first at court 35 when I was at about lvl 38-40.

    2. G
      Gallus Desidinius

      THE ONLY HELPFUL SUBMISSION, im level 71 and im starting to collect power amour so i needed to come here,so what the guy above said is mostly true,but if you guys remember other Bethesda games the certain armors appear after a certain level.but with fallout 4 that is not the case, i was level 30 playing the easiest difficulty back in November but its now February, and i find XO-1 with no problem but if your brotherhood its easier because the checkpoints have armor no matter what you just have to look for it (easier said than done) but if your 30 you can find it just turn your difficulty up,if that works? it did for me but this guy is right there is always a set at the brotherhood of steel checkpoints.if you need anything else find me on face book,i live in nicholasville KY

  38. J

    should also be noted that you can steal a X-01 helmet from Proctor Teagan if you have master in lockpicking or hacking, and during Liberty Prime, Danse is wearing a full X-01 bar the helmet which if you have him as a follower you can request he leave

    1. L

      How can you request him to leave it? I have tried pickpocketing him, shooting his fusion core out, and commanding him to interact with armor station, but nothing works. I dont get the option of stealing the fusion core while pickpocketing, he just falls and starts regenerating if I shoot his fusion core a bunch of times, and does not want to interact with the armor station…

      1. D

        You have to talk to him with the talk option and then you can ask him to leave his suit

  39. X

    x armor is NOT in National Guard Training Yard it’s t-60 i’ve already got it.

  40. O

    I found two full sets the first one was at the south Boston military checkpoint, the second one was southwest of the south Boston military checkpoint guarded by a Legendary Mr. Gusty.

  41. S

    I’m lvl 69 now and found 4 complete sets. 2 complete sets of them i found with lvl24/lvl27, one in the Boston Military Checkpoint and one in the National Guard Training facility

  42. J

    im only level 14 but I know a lot about these fallout games but I would like to know something, do the stores ,that you place in sancuary or red rocket or some place like that, do they give you caps?

  43. Y

    I went for the location at 35th Court at lvl 11 and got… T45b 😛 so dont rush, take your time (and yea, I managed to kill the sentries at that lvl 😉 )

  44. A
    Al Marx

    I’m lvl 48. Does anyone know why the power armor at nordington beach wasn’t an X-01 power armor? It was a ugly looking T-51 with missing leg and missing helmet. Really bummed

  45. M

    There is also another location during the quest with bobbi without nose. (Goodneighbor.)
    In the first room unlocked using the robot, there are two tunnels to clean, one of leads into a room containing a pretty tough monster and an assisted armor with four pieces of armor who was levelled. 😉
    In my case head, both arms and torso.

  46. F

    Fun fact for anyone reading the comments, you can find the helmet at the shop in the prydwen. I broke into the area the shop keeper is in (master lock, or master hacking) and it was just there. Can’t remember the exact level but I was under 33 at the time

  47. C

    There is X-01 Power Armor Helmet located in Teagans shop on the Prydwen. You’ll have to steal it. I had to knock it off the table and kick down to the bottom of the ship so I could steal it. I’ve tried all the other locations to find the X-01 Power Armor. Full set at Court 35 after level 28. Everything but helmet and right leg at the K-213 installation. But when I went to the other locations I saw the X-01 suit but when I entered them they would change to T-60. Now I’m trying the Big Dig quest to try to get that one.

  48. A

    Is there another way to get X-01 Power Armor with any level characters. However, this way mean by use cheat command console: Press ~(Tilde) (USA Keyboard), ” (quote) (Brazil console) to open command console, so tip by write follow code: “coc qasmoke” (Without quotes) After that press “Enter” on your keyboard. The game will load and your character moved to a secret room. On that secret room you will find everything your need (ALL Power Armor, ALL Itens, Etc…) Take what want and then open command console again. Tip write the code: “redrocket01” (without quotes). Your character will be teleported to Red Rocket Truck Underground location. Easy X-01 Power Armor Taked. I hope that help. Contact me if you have any problem.

    1. A

      PS: the right code for teleportation to Red Rocket Truck is: “coc redrocket01” instead “redrocket01” only.

  49. S

    I’m 56 and found Three T60, One T51, Four T45 and zero X-01.

    I can comfirm it’s absolutely random what you get, when and where.

  50. E

    I got half a suit at level 29 and found in the bunker in the shack in the glowing sea

  51. A

    I just found a full set of X-01 behind the armory in the National guard training yard. It was in a shipping container with a master lock.

  52. T
    Todd Hooker

    I’ve found 2 full suits of x-01 power armor, 3 helmets, 2 torso, left n right arm.. I have a total of 18 power suits, vary frm raider armor to x01.. out searching for more xo1 parts.

  53. S

    I found a full set of X-01 behind the armory in the National guard training yard in a green cargo container.
    It was behind an Expert lock and I’m only level 29.

  54. J

    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this, but you can find an almost complete X-01 suit during the mission “The Big Dig.” Mine was only missing the right leg and was MKII. You get this mission by visiting Bobbi No-Nose in Goodneighbor. I should mention that I was level 33.

    Other X-01 locations that worked for me: At level 38, I found a full X-01 MKIII at 35 Court. Also found a basic partial X-01 suit with missing legs in Federal Surveillance Center K-21B (the shack in the glowing sea).

  55. B

    I got the X-01 helmet from a “donation” from the brotherhood of steel quartermaster room on the blimp at level 22.

  56. P

    I found a partial set early on in the game. East/South East of Santuary Hills. There was a downed fighter jet on to of a rocky outcrop and there was protecron walking back and forth in the crash site. The rocky outcrop overlooks some super mutants on top of a group of derelict houses. I wish I could remember exactly where it was.

    1. G
      Gallus Desidinius

      Its close to poiseden energy plant.? i think so,if not go to the USS constitution and do the missions for the robots and then after a awhile youll get to the power plant

  57. I got iT on level 28 near national guard training yard in a truc a Mr gutsy Will attack you

  58. N

    The armor you find in The Big Dig is random. It does not always spawn a left arm, torso and helmet like most sites say.

  59. Z
    Zx matador

    x01 power armor starts spawning at level 26, confirmed.

  60. B

    Actually it is not Enclave Armor, It was used by the Enclave, It was US military made armor. So that is why it does not bother me to use it.

    1. M

      Look at the Lore again. That is the Advanced Power Armor Mk 2 from Fallout 2.

  61. PLZ HELP
    Im lvl 33 and cant find any. If i do when i get in it it turns into t-45 or t-60 Do i need to be higher leveled?

  62. F

    The one in the Nation Guard Training Yard was completely empty for me. I just picked the master lock and hacked the terminal to get nothing…guess that’s just bad luck.

  63. T

    I have found other sets ( not fully completed though ) in other locations with little or no security but good job with this guide

  64. U

    I’ve only found a rusted helmet to the X-01 when I was a lvl 26 and I visited some locations but can’t find any more parts.

  65. J

    In Procter Teagen’s room is a helmet, behind a Master terminal or a Master lock. I got my helmet at level 11.

  66. A

    Pieces spawned are mostly random for most sets. Save before entering a place like the bunker and check it yourself.

  67. M
    Mr. Zero

    I’m under level 30 and found it at the guard house at Fort Strong. But I’m playing on the hardest difficulty and I found it while I was on the BOS mission, after the Vertibird crashed and I was running for my life, to take Fort Strong. So I don’t know if that makes a difference

  68. D
    Donald Evans

    I am level 87. I have found 2 complete sets of X-01 and they are now fully modded. I also have partial X-01’sI have also found several T-60’s, 51’s and 49’s. When I went to the S. Boston Military Check Point at level 87 I received a T-51. There are some unknown factors to be considered.

  69. H

    I found one in a side quest if you do the side quest dig in I think talk to Bobbi no nose you will g through some stuff then you have a eye droid that blast through rocks. Anyway there’s a room with with two blast able rocks walls there will be a Murlock King guarding it but he’s easy but for me the legs were missing

  70. J

    So I went to 35 got a t60 armor set if I go to earlier save before I found it come back at say level 32ish will it change possibly or will it always be t60 armor

  71. B

    I just need the left and right arm for a second full set. I have found 3 set only court 35 was complete at like lvl 28. The other I found higher than that level but both do not have the arms. Any clues as to where I can get a lefty and a righty?

  72. T

    I had 5 full sets, I was level 50 when I found my first and then when I realized how badass they were lol, thanks to these instruction I now have 7 full sets of x-01 armor working on an eighth missing left arm and right wish I can help you and any questions how I found them all… how I did is I walked around and got lucky and the minute men needed my help so I helped them defend the area and nearby there was armor, there was one on the wrecked train coming from sanctuary going to diamond city, there was another by the wrecked helicopter by the satellite station and the rest I have forgotten about its been forever since I got them.

  73. O

    At the NG training yard, no armour pieces. Just a frame, lmao. At least I purposely triggered the tripwire, got a legendary annihilator and a badass armor plate. Thanks for this guide!

  74. T

    I had 5 full sets, I was level 50 when I found my first and then when I realized how badass they were lol, thanks to these instruction I now have 7 full sets of x-01 armor working on an eighth missing left arm and right wish I can help you and any questions how I found them all… how I did is I walked around and got lucky and the minute men needed my help so I helped them defend the area and nearby there was armor, there was one on the wrecked train coming from sanctuary going to diamond city, there was another by the wrecked helicopter by the satellite station and the rest I have forgotten about its been forever since I got them.

  75. T


  76. D

    Just found an X-O1 set at the south boston safehouse
    Expert terminAL hack used

  77. A

    Plane crash with armor NW of Murkwater Construction Site settlement. Came across it walking from Gunners Plaza to Murkwater, its in the water so follow the water in that direction. I fought 1 Legendary Colonel Gutsy & received 3 pieces + frame.

  78. S

    This is the worst, national training guard GARAGE has a power armor suit, with no pieces behind master pickpocket with traps, and inside cargo boxes behind garage is suit with most pieces behind expert pickpocket man get it right

  79. P

    I’m level 77, at the South Boston location and staring at a T 45 in that cage. Missing an arm. Got in to see if it changed like the one at 35 court did but nope. :/

  80. B
    Brad Lee

    i’m level 47 and i’ve had three for a while now at some locations mentioned in forums, i just stumbled onto one i haven’t heard about yet, its all the way to the left of the map just under the Natick Police Department, i found just a frame with an x-01 torso and right leg but still if just for parts and a free frame its worth checking out. when you leave the police station just go stratight down and its in the middle of the road by some cars, if you have dogmeat with you he’ll alert you when you’re close enough, crawl out to the fallout people!
    psn: BradTheHelsabot

  81. B

    I’m level 60, only got a t45 from the place by the fort!

  82. R

    there is another one that is not listed, but when your doing the job for bobbi no-nose, I found a full set in the underground tunnels it was in one the left side next to a power core station, need the robot to excavate the wall, and it was right behind it with a mirelurk king inside…

    I was lvl 42 and I play on survival
    all these other locations that have been listed have only given me the t51 model or it was just the power frame, but I have not gone to the court 35 or or this place in the glowing sea so hope this helps some of youll… bobbi no nose can be found in good neighbor

  83. J

    i got my x-01 power armour standard make (minus the left leg and helmet) in goodneibour, on the quest where your tunneling using that wall blaster robot thing. was level 30 something. havent encounted parts since. not that i care just want a right leg and helmet x-01 to complet my suit. ive maxed out armourer so i can upgrade fully to the highest make.

  84. J

    Guys I am only lvl 19 and I found X-01 in a lake while exploring, I think the lake was named walden pond, idk though

  85. B

    Got a partial set at the National Guard place at Lvl 29.

    One thing I noticed was that I disarmed all traps and the sentry still appeared. Luckilly the alien Blaster was quite effective against it…

  86. S

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not. I’m at level 74. Rowdy at the Atom Cats Garage has, on a few occasions, sold me X-01 parts. I check in with her from time to time hoping to find parts for some of my incomplete armors. Another nice gift from the game, if you buy a power armor frame from rowdy, and leave it there, she will get into it. When she gets out, she will leave behind a full fusion core in the frame. I’m not sure if this process can be repeated multiple times with the same frame, but it might be worth looking into.

  87. G

    The suit near Fort Strong was only a T-60 for me. Lvl 49

  88. J

    Theres one in murck water a x-10

    1. F
      Fallout dev

      As level 781 7year character played everyday since it realeased I found a total of 35 xo1 you find more when you find the institute and find out Shaun Died after the end game cutscene you do several missions for the 4 division leaders you learn the location of a full set of x01 armour

  89. I got mine at level 28 at the fort strong

  90. A

    Already have two.

  91. L

    Im at level 31 and found the armor, so the game might be programed to unlock the armor after level 30

  92. D

    I got mine at level 44. Before you go into 35 court go into settings and change difficulty to Hard then go in kill the assultron and sentry bot. It will be X-01 MK III . I did this on my Xbox One and it worked. Hope this helps ?

  93. H

    I am level 38 and have found the x-01 in 35court, but when i went to military checkpoint it was t-51! What the reasion? Is it because i have been there long before for brotherhood mission??

  94. D

    I have 4 x-01 at level 28

  95. D

    I have 4 sets x-01 at level 28

  96. J

    Just found some in the pond near Jamaica Plain

  97. B

    Loving fallout I’m only lvl 27 and got my first set of x01 armour from automaton mission and found another x01 at nordhagen
    I only had one power armour now I have loads found the tesla t60 armour plus others I’m not complaining but I had one crap one now I have loads of cool ones.
    Maybe I should play the lottery 😉

  98. C

    I found the x01 at level 34 so you don’t have to be 40

  99. G

    first time discovering South Boston Military Checkpoint @ lvl 68 and the suit there behind the locked gate is a t-51

  100. D

    It’s based off particular grids on the map that adhere to monster base level, your own base level, the difficulty of the game, and the characters current luck attribute. All of these are considered in game before it spawns the armor; you can’t get X01 until you reach lvl 28, but this isn’t a guarantee. It’s more on like increasing the odds the higher you raise each of these adherents. IE your level gets higher, your luck is higher, you play on the highest difficulty and search in the most difficult areas of the game, then your chances to find the X01 are at its highest.

  101. S

    The forth and last one aren’t X-01. They are T-51 and T-60!I tried both of them on 52 but they weren’t X-01.

  102. Y

    Lvl 35 the X-01’s start to appear

  103. Y

    You can also find many pieces of X-01 at checkpoints in a lake by covenant under water beside a vrtibirdI think and there is an uncharted viritbird that I found one at as well down by the glowing sea

  104. Y

    At the beginning of game you run into one of the greasers in t60 power armor.. my second time playing I pickpockets the fusion core and he got out and walked away …BONUS…since then I have amassed a massive amount if power cores this way and so far every set of power armor in the game that I’ve wanted I’ve gotten lol except for danses until you execute him

  105. G

    I was at level 10 i went to 35 court and only got t45 but everything was there I think there are different factors that go into it luck, how close you get to the armor and the level you are at when you go to the power armor for an example if you found t51b power armor and went to an earlier save and leveled up more or added more luck to you are more likely to get a better power armor or the same power armor just with more parts or something so you can get an x-o1 at about 28 but to get a full one you may have to get about level 40

  106. And I wanted to add one more thing if you are doing a quest and go into the general area of a power armor it stays like that forever unless you go back to an earlier save the map knows where you are at using cells so if you know there is some power armor somewhere and you want to wait for a higher level don’t go near it I’d say you don’t want to be within at least 200 yards away from it

  107. Last I know but I have to keep adding to this in my first response I put you may have to have level 40 to get a complete set of xo1 armor I do need to include that the same is possible if you have high luck so I recommend you try to level up when you can or have about 5 luck and you might get it easier
    P.s. Some of the stuff I had on this came from some other people’s responses I just took what they had and came up with a theory with some of my knowledge so kudos to them I hope this helps cause I like it when I can get my hands on some strong power armor

  108. K

    Well I’m level 29 and the Court-35 one worked for me. It looked like a t-60 but when I got into it it became an X-01. I know that sounds farfetched but trust me it worked also idk if it matters but I only have 1 luck so.

  109. Y

    When the game was first release, 1.0, I decided to run along the maps border going South from Santuary. I found the Installation K-21B and since there was a key already there, was able to get in at around level 1 or 2. I crept down and found at Level 1, a FULL set of X-01 Power Armor. Now I know this was later nerfed. However, has anyone else found that you could find these before you gained level 28 at original release and pre patches??

  110. O

    The power armor at the concrete green house is actually a T-45b , I’m level 36 and 10 luck

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