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There are not that many power armor related things happening in the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4. However we did manage to discover a new paint job for your power armor.
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It is called the Vim paint job and when you paint all pieces of your T-51 power armor with it you will get bonus Strength for it. This “skin” is rather interesting looking and is in fact an advertisement for the Vim company. It is no surprise that it is found in the Vim! Pop Factory.

Red Vim Power Armor

Vim Pop Factory is located directly southwest of Far Harbor. You will have to go quite far inside the island. If you reach the south beach of the island you’ve gone too far.

As you arrive at the front entrance go left and around the factory until you reach stairs. This will take you to the back entrance into the factory. Go down some stairs and into the room to the left (bellow the big “You’ve got Vim! Quartz” wall advertisement). Inside you will find a power armor station and T-51 with already applied Vim Paint Job. To unlock the paint job for application to any of your other power armor suits you will have to interact with the computer terminal in the same room and choose the “Vim Paint Job Schematics” option to permanently add it to your inventory. Video below shows all of these steps and showcases the power armor with the paint job applied.

Vim Power Armor Refresh Green

When you exit Far Harbor, follow the road to the west, then along the coast. It will turn north shortly. Keep following it to the northern part of the island. At some point, you’ll reach a truck trailer in the middle of the road. Climb inside and you’ll find a power armor stand with a T-51 in it, painted with a Vim Refresh Green paintjob.

Here’s a video showing the location and what the armor looks like from all angles.

Thanks to Kaitlyn B. for the info!

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