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Far Harbor is the latest DLC for Fallout 4. It tasks you with finding a girl that’s gone missing and sends you off to a new area called The Island.
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There are several factions there, as is customary in the Wasteland, and you can choose who to help or hinder. Your decisions will influence the game world and helping different factions yields different results and rewards. This guide will show you all Far Harbor endings, how to achieve them, what they reward you with.

There are three factions present on The Island: Children of Atom, the Synths and Far Harbor. Although it at first seems they aren’t really up for coexistence, you can make them play nice with each other. Or you can exterminate them all. Naturally, you can also choose one or two factions to spare.

Acadia Choices

The basic choice with Acadia is whether you want it destroyed or not. If you do, you can snitch on them to the Brotherhood or the Institute. You can also reveal the truth about Captain Avery to Far Harbor during The Way Life Should Be quest. You’ll end up with the Destroyer or Arcadia perk (provides 30 second attack boost when severely damaged) and the Lucky Eddy sniper rifle. Kasumi will die during the attack.

You can help the synths by telling the Railroad about them, but this path seems to be bugged, since nothing happens when you do. The only way to save Acadia in a meaningful manner is to start working with DiMa on his plan.

Far Harbor Choices

If you want to destroy Far Harbor, the easiest way to do this is by messing with the turbine in the Cleansing The Land quest. Doing this will net you the Inquisitor of Atom perk (radiation increases your damage) and a piece of Atom’s Bulwark armor.

You can help them in a couple of ways – either by telling them about Captain Avery or not. If you do, they’ll go on a rampage and destroy Acadia. If not, they’ll stay calm.

Nucleus Choices

The easiest way to deal with the Children of Atom is to blow them sky high using the Nuclear Launch Codes. If you do, you’ll get the Far Harbor Survivalist perk, which gives you +5 to all resistances.

Helping them includes wiping out Far Harbor with the turbines.

Peaceful (Best) Ending

There’s a way to preserve peace and make all three factions live side by side. During The Way Life Should Be quest, talk to DiMA and tell him you know about Captain Avery. Tell him you think he did the right thing, and he’ll suggest doing the same with Confessor Tektus. This will start the Reformation quest. When you finish it, DiMa will be controlling the whole island through his proxies and there will be no more bloodshed.

You’ll get the Protector of Arcadia perk, which gives you a chance to receive massive bonuses to damage and energy resistance when severely wounded.

Genocide Ending

There’s a way to kill off every faction, if you’re in the mood. You can only get one perk and none of the other rewards this way, but if it tickles your fancy, here’s how to do it:
  1. Use the nuclear launch codes to destroy Nucleus.
  2. Go to the Wind Farm and run Tempest on terminal 03, to destroy Far Harbor.
  3. Travel to Prydwen and tell the commander about Acadia, so he sends a squad to deal with them.
Naturally, there’s no way to save Kasumi in this scenario.

Kasumi’s Fate

The story ends when you decide the fate of the island and go back to Kasumi’s father and tell him about her. Talk to her before you leave the island (if she’s still alive), so she can decide if she wants to go back to the mainland or stay there.

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