Fallout 76 How to Mute Other Players

Muting other players in FO76 is an option you have in the game. There are several different ways to mute people in Fallout 76, either in groups or individually. You’ll probably have to resort to muting players at some point or another, because there’s always people that leave their microphone on and then breathe so heavily that you start wondering if the very act of existing is too much effort for them. Unfortunately, there are some kinks to the Fallout 76 muting system. That being the case, here’s our Fallout 76 How to Mute Other Players guide to show you exactly how to do it.

Fallout 76 How to Mute Other Players
Fallout 76 How to Mute Other Players

How to Mute Other Players in FO76?

To mute other players in Fallout 76, there are two options. The first one is to turn off voice chat. You can do this by going into the map screen, then going into the menu (LB on Xbox, L1 on PlayStation, Z on PC). Then, go to Settings > Audio. Voice Chat Mode is the first option, so switch it to None. Or, switch it to Team, if you only want to hear the people in your group. In the Beta, you had to restart the game for the change to take effect, so you might have to do so in the full game, as well.

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You can also mute people selectively. From the map screen, go to Social (RB on Xbox, R1 on PlayStation, C on PC). This will bring up a list of people that are playing with you. You can then scroll down the list and select the name of the person you want to mute. After you select the player you don’t want to hear anymore, simply select the Mute option. This way, you can mute other players manually, without resorting to shutting up everybody, or everybody but your team, etc. The only potential setback here is that it’s sometimes difficult to know who’s breathing in your ear, especially in the beginning, so you might have to resort to the first option, at least initially.

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