Fallout 76 Rose Bug - Top of The World Quest

Rose is one of the crucial quest NPCs in Fallout 76. She’s involved in several quests at the Top of The World, like Signal Strength and Missing Link. You’ll need to gain her trust by doing a bunch of stuff for her, but there’s a bug that’s stopping a lot of people from talking to her. If you’re plagued by the Fallout 76 Rose bug, keep reading and this guide will show you how to get around it.

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fallout 76 rose bug top of the world quest
Fallout 76 Rose Bug – Top of The World Quest

How to get Rose to talk to you?

The bug presents itself by stopping your progress in Rose’s questline. Most people get stuck at the point when there are two objectives – to talk to her, and to gain her trust. Talking to her at this point just makes her tell them off. At first, you might think you’re missing something, but after hours of scouring the wasteland for anything you may have missed, you’ll probably realize this is a bug.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Any time you get stuck in Rose’s quests because she stopped talking to you, there are two things you should try. The first is mashing the interact button. If that doesn’t work, change the server, then try mashing again. Repeat until you’ve broken the vicious cycle.

Once you’re unstuck, keep in mind it might happen again. If it does, the same rules apply – just switch servers and mash that button until the game gives in and the quest continues.

If you have other issues with the game, stick around – we’ve written a bunch of guides about power armor, treasure maps, crafting material locations and other stuff, and we’re just getting started. Let’s face it – the game is in a sorry state, and you’ll probably get stuck again, thanks to missing quest markers and poor explanations.



  1. G

    Worked for me, thanks

  2. S

    Thanks for that info might get useful later 🙂 . I currently have another difficulty though… I accidently scrapped the materials Rose gave to me to modify the Syringer. Right now, I don’t see a way to regain those materials. It’s a little rough.

    1. G

      you can go to youtube an look up where to find the stuff

  3. G

    this will not work for me i have tryed for hours

  4. N
    Niklas Lysén

    Yea same here,.. im stuck trying to find “Psycho” but cant seem to find it.. so cant complete it 🙁

  5. D

    Works! Just mash and mash. The dialogue becomes undeceperable but eventually it triggers!! Thanks!

  6. D

    Yeah I’ve tried for a while and it won’t work 🙁

  7. D

    Ok it worked just keep trying people

  8. K

    If this quest is gone or syringer weapon disappears, just listen to the “Top of the World” radio station to retrigger the quest. 🙂

  9. J

    Keep pressing E worked. About 30 times I did. It was giving key fragments part.

  10. M
    Mark Medina

    What if I have the syringer already and I’m on the missing link but I never made friends with the death claw?? And it just says gain Rose’s trust but has no way points wont let me talk to her nothing. I’m trying to love this game so hard.. but it’s getting harder everyday. I want it to be as good as fallout 4. And it’s just not 🙁

  11. G

    yea this work great

  12. P

    I got stuck after I installed the signal thing the protectrons didn’t come after me like I seen some people say but the quest marker did change to go to the terminal and turn it on, I did and nothing happened afterwards, I visited rose and she just keeps telling me to do it but nothing is helping even mashing the E or listening to the top of the world radio like some people said. Any other ideas?

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