Spirit Totem Locations | Far Cry Primal

Spirit totems are collectibles in Far Cry: Primal. There are 12 altars located all over the map where you need to place the totems.
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Each one you complete will increase the rate at which you earn experience points by 2%. This guide will show you where to find all the spirit totems and how to reach them.

First Spirit Totem

The first altar is located near the center of the map, as shown in the picture below. There is a small, abandoned settlement right next to it. The altar is leaning on a white tree. There’s a mountain to the west of here. A lake is located on the opposite side. Approach the altar and place the totem to complete the ritual.

Spirit Totem #2

The second altar can be found south of the Wenja village. You need to head down, pass through the narrow passage and reach the isolated part of the map. The place you need is in the Hiding Hole location. You might need to use the grapple to descend from the tall parts. You have to climb down carefully, following the grassy patches. Near the altar, you can see beheaded animals and some bones.

Third Spirit Totem Altar

Sweet Water Totem is the name of the location of the third altar. It can be reached by climbing the rocks near the lake. The lake itself has a small waterfall on the left side and there are waterlilies on the surface. You can also see tall mountains overshadowing the position, opposite from the lake. A tree is sprouting from the lake and reaching the statue in height.

Fourth Spirit Totem

For the fourth altar, you have to dive underwater to reach an isolated cave. It is found right from the Hold Rock Bonfire. Since it is heavily guarded, prepare to fight. Alternatively, you can just run towards the water evading enemies and dive in. The cave itself is poorly lit and has nothing else of interest in it.

Fifth Spirit Totem

The fifth totem altar is placed inside a structure that resembles Stonehenge. This unique location is marked on the map as a brown circle with white vertical lines. Get to the center of it and look around. You will see the totem near one rock pillar, facing inward.

Sixth Spirit Totem

Near the Chanting Cave, in the east isolated part of the map, you can discover the sixth totem. It is placed just left of a large waterfall. There are a couple of stone statues on the grassy terrain and one of them is the altar. Further left is an upward path that leads to higher ground. An enemy outpost called High Cliff Bonfire is also in the vicinity.

Seventh Spirit Totem

Broken Arm Dwaray is the location where you will put the seventh totem. The nearest enemy outpost is the Burning Spear Bonfire. It is in the east part of the map. The place is easy to spot since it is just above a round lake with an island in the middle. A number of pointy vertical statues can be seen in the place.

Eight Spirit Totem

The eight altar is found at the Bayabar Hunter Totem location. You will see a huge wooden cage on the right, just before the cave entrance. An animal corpse is near it. Get inside the cave and continue until you see the altar on the right. There is a fire just opposite of it.

Ninth Spirit Totem

The ninth spirit totem altar can be discovered in the largest snow-covered area in the middle. It is near the river, northeast of the Snow Shwalda Outpost. Since it’s a cold environment, make sure you wear proper winter clothing. The position is covered by tall mountains on nearly all sides. The altar is hidden behind some rock formation in there.

Tenth Spirit Totem

Blood Snow Totem is the place where you can see the tenth altar. You can observe the wooden stakes placed just above it. Beware of the freezing effects in these parts. Also, east of here is an Udam camp, so you should be twice as careful. Just above the altar, you will find an abandoned settlement.

Eleventh Spirit Totem

It is in the isolated north-western region. As soon as you enter the area, go right until you reach the two lakes. Left of the smaller one is the altar you need. It is on higher ground, so you will have to climb to get to it. The outpost called Stone Beak Bonfire is just west of here, so watch out for them, as well.

Twelfth Spirit Totem

The final totem is initiated through a game mission in your village. You’ll have to build huts for Karoosh, Jayma and Wogah before you can attempt the quest. You start it by talking to Manoo. When you accept the mission, a marker will appear on your map. Once you reach the altar, use the hunter vision to locate the totem. Follow the red footsteps, as they focus on the lost totem. You will find the totem at the Rock Tooth Pass. Note that you will have to defeat several enemies on the way.