Final Fantasy VII Remake Launch Date Revealed in New Trailer

The newest trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake has revealed the games release date. As it turns out, it’s going to launch in early March next year; March 3rd 2020, to be exact. The trailer also features some gameplay footage of combat, as well as some cinematic stuff.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Launch Date Revealed in New Trailer
Final Fantasy VII Remake Launch Date Revealed in New Trailer

The end of the laborious development of the Final Fantasy VII remake is finally coming to a close, it seems. It’s been years and years of rocky work. The game changed directors, and a ton of other stuff happened behind the scenes, I’m sure. Well, with the newest trailer, the remake finally has a release date. The renewed Final Fantasy VII is coming out on March 3rd, 2020. Provided nothing unforeseen happens until then, of course. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t, because fighting against Cyberpunk 2077 could be kinda tough. Not that the fanbases overlap much, but still.

As for the trailer itself, I’m sure that somebody that has played the game is gonna have more of an idea as to what’s going on. I haven’t, so I’ve probably missed a bunch of hints and nods. What we can see are our heroes attacking a reactor, what with them being eco-terrorists and whatnot. We see some combat gameplay; which, as I’ve mentioned in a previous article, seems kinda cool to me. The whole thing ends with Cloud meeting Aerith, as Dementors start to circle them. Again, I’m sure that if you know the original, you’ve seen much more than I have.

So, yeah; the FF7 remake is coming out on March 3rd next year. As far as I can tell, it’s only going to come out on PlayStation 4 only. Whether or not that is going to be the case, we’ll have to wait and see how the situation develops. As it stands now, though, it’s gonna be a PS4 exclusive.

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