FFXV Costlemark Tower Dungeon

Costlemark Tower is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XV. It is a part of the Treasure beyond measure quest given to you by Dino, and it can be difficult to beat. The first problem you’ll encounter is how to enter Costlemark Tower. Once you’re in, you’ll probably need help finding the Emerald stone location or discovering how to defeat Jabberwock boss that is located in the innermost sanctum. In this guide, we’re going to show you a FFXV Costlemark Tower dungeon walkthrough, to help you clear the instance.

How to enter Costlemark Tower

Entering Costlemark Tower is only possible at night. Go to the location on the map after 8 PM and the dungeon doors will be open. Check out the map below to see the location of the dungeon. Make sure you are well-prepared for this quest, because it is full of dangerous creatures, and will spawn swarms of enemies at some moments.

Costlemark Tower walkthrough

Go down the stairs, pass the first empty room, and prepare for the fight in the second room with level 54 Galvanades. They will attack you with lightning damage, so watch out for Thunder bombs, and if you have some lightning resistant gear, be sure to equip it. Also, level 35 Gelatins will be there, but they should not be as much of a trouble for you as the Galvanades. This fight will set the tone for the rest of the dungeon, so if you feel that this fight was too hard, maybe you should head back to the dungeon entrance and come back later when you level up some more.

In the next room, you will have to fight several level 39 Ereshkigal. When you clear the room, go right and across the narrow ledge to obtain Thieves Way II. It is an item that only Noctis can wear and it greatly reduces MP cost when phasing. Continue across the fallen pillar and head to the room with the circular staircase. Watch out for the level 44 Busemands. On the left side, you will find Orichalcum daggers, which are infused with holy light that deal a great amount of damage and serve best against the daemons. Head down the stairs, and follow the path.After the stairs, go straight and you will find another spiral staircase and at the bottom there is a source of fire magic. Go through the big open doors and proceed through the small passage, and you will enter the second part of the dungeon. Make sure to pick up the Emerald stone needed for the Treasure beyond measure quest.In the room on the right, you will find the Durandal Sword. Go to the left side of the dungeon, and head straight. You will find the Oracle Ascension Coin at the end of the path. Turn left and head onward to the lower part of the dungeon. Along the way you will see two golden doors. Behind the first is a Mega-Potion and behind the second golden doors is the Platinum Bangle that considerably increases maximum HP. Also, you will find the sources of ice and lightning magic, so make sure you drain them.You will find yourself in the long hallway, full of dangerous Galvanades and Ereshkigals. Continue down the circular path and you will come across a bridge that is guarded by the Yojimbo ronin. Pick up the Mega Phoenix once you defeat him, and head down the path. You will enter a room that is filled with square-shaped signs on the floor.

NOTE: Always check the minimap, because it will show you the way you should go in the labyrinths to come.

The red switches will send you back to the entrance – avoid them. The floor panels are actually elevators – three are traps, one will take you further. The traps will lower you into a room with a bunch of monsters. Each visit will spawn more and more of them, and the game won’t let you leave until you’ve killed them all.

As far as we know, the panels are randomized, so the right one for you could be different than it was for us. For us, the one in the southwest was the one that led us forward. The best advice we can give you is to memorize which ones you’ve already tested and not step on them again. You’ll need to step on the wrong ones a couple of times first, before the game unlocks the correct path.

You’ll know you’re on the right path when you don’t end up in the large room again. Keep going towards the east. You might need to make detours, but always keep going east. When you get to a place where you can choose between two paths, take the one leading east (there’s a round carving on the floor in front of the cube you should push). The one to the south will lead you back into the elevator room – stay away from it.

Jabberwock boss fight

Jabberwock is a giant dragon-like creature and he is the last monster that you need to kill in order to finish Costlemark Tower. He is a level 58 boss, but since you’ve come this far, try to endure this battle as well. The good thing about him is that he doesn’t spawn more minions with him, and you can focus only on him in order to finish the dungeon. He is very large, but so is the arena where you will fight him, so you can have some time for a breather when you move away from him.His attacks have a long range, so make sure to not rush into him. Instead, try and to approach him from behind. At the end of the fight you will receive two Jabberwock Sirloin, but most importantly, you obtain Sword of the Tall, a greatsword that is one of the Armiger weapons in the game.

After you defeat the boss, step on the red plate. It will teleport you back to the entrance.

Costlemark Tower Locked Door

In the square room, you will see a small gap in the wall. If your crouch through the there, you will notice that there is a secret locked door there that you can’t open. Lots of dungeons have these, and you can get the key to open them later in the game. Check out how to open them in the FFXV Dungeon Locked Door guide.




  1. K

    you can also get the radiant spear in this dungeon. before durandal..

    1. I

      And a “The Good Chamberlain

      1. I

        If I recall correctly…. You by this by continuing down the path after getting the thieves way 2, then FALL down.

  2. N
    Nate Harms

    im lost and getting pissed off at the instructions… I have all the bs cubes in order and had to go down to the cuking pit again to fight the giants and naga a third time cause your bad instructions.. you made it sound like as soon as i came up from underneath the red return to enterance thing would be there and the next one i had to go to was the right of that..which is misleading and bs and i had to go down and do that bs again for nothing…i am lost though..i went to the top right corner on my MAP!!!! Which you should put! Then went the path with yojimbo and the other crap but at the end it just was an elevator cube going up to the start of thecube room…. wtf?..

    1. J
      Jerome Lantigua

      I didn’t have any issues with his instructions, I felt they were pretty straight forward like this dungeon ???

    2. D

      Quit bitching, those fights are easy regardless.

      1. D

        those fights are a pain in the ass without the ring, true king power, or anything above level 55, this is by far my LEAST favorite dungeon of them all.

  3. E
    Eric Martinez

    Just to put a note out there. For the people who found this dungeon without acquiring the quest, if you do the dungeon without the quest active the royal arm will not be given to you hence you end up with a glitch dungeon. Make sure to get the quest active then go back to the boss room. You will then get your great sword.

    1. P
      Phil Doyle

      Do you the the quest you get off Dino? because i had the quest and and the dungeon glitched on me when i beat the boss and I’m not sure how to fix it.

      1. E
        Eric Martinez

        No, just return to the entrance and go back to the boss. The only problem would be that you will have to redo the boss again.

  4. J

    in goes in a pattern of 4, 3 , 2, 1 (based on the no. of pillar they represent).. on the last plate (1)..keep going until you reach a place where u have a choice of going forward or right. go forward. you can actually see a circular pattern on the ground that will lead u in the right direction.

    1. L

      Thanks John. This helped me out a lot. This should be included in the instructions above.

    2. M

      this 😀 thx man you helped

  5. P

    Your guide is confusing as all bloody fuck for the room with the 4 pannels

  6. S
    Sean Bennett

    So beat the jaberwock yet I didn’t get the armiger. Nope instead I’m stuck with the quest saying defeat monster in the innermost sanctum…… I did that already -_-. And before you say use the platform. That’s not working either. Also my summons don’t work. What do?

    1. S

      you need to go out. select the Costlemark Tower quest, go back down, suffer through the everlasting cubes of eternity. once you go down you will get the royal arm and the quest, but it might be a bug for me (I pressed share during the cut scene). So what happened, is that while I was getting the royal arm, Mr dragon’s cut scene was playing as well, the next thing I know the dragon is attacking me, and I cannot target it, arminger requires a target, the rest of the team is AFK. So I had to put it down just by spamming attack, and trust me without targeting, Noct is retarded. I spent like 5 hrs in that place.

      1. G

        You sir, just got a new subscriber, lol

    2. L

      Got the same issue here 2,5 hours,……. with being stuck the quest saying “defeat the monste in the innermost sanctum”

    3. O

      Platform only works in the day time I believe. Same as you can only get inside at night

  7. D

    I only had to fight one Red Giant and the second time brought me to the Jabberwock I did step on the red disk to get it to check off on the map. I think the dragon in the sewers
    might be harder to fight.

  8. H

    So tell me why I enter the dungeon and cleared it on chapter 6 without knowing there’s a quest to be giving for it

  9. D

    tiles are not random ,its always the southeast one that lead to the sphere elevator but this one can also take you to red giants you have to chose the correct one at some point in the path. Jabberwock and the dragon are both in the bottom floor accessed via sphere elevator you but cant get them at once.

    1. D

      sorry SOUTHWEST one not soutteast one. the tile that lead to elevator is the SOUTHWAST one.

  10. Y

    I don’t know about the others but I followed your instructions to the T and I managed to get through Dungeon without a hitch. thanks for what you do gosu – Ronin Yukimura

  11. K

    So I played through the dungeon with the quest active and still no sword for me.

  12. T

    defeating dragon do noth =(

  13. T

    all four lead to fuck corridor for me this dungeon sucks

    1. The one you should concentrate on is the one on the bottom left, as it was the one that lead us to the boss. When you go down, there will be a place where you can choose further path (down or forward). Try going forward. Hope it helps!

  14. J

    beat the boss. got the sword . now I cant leave the tower . any ideas?

    1. J

      Press the map menu (R3) and return to entrance. hope this helps!

      1. B

        I did the same thing and it won’t let me return to entrance

    2. M

      There is a red disk on the floor in the bossromm after you defeat him, it will teleport you to the entrance of the Dungeon

  15. A

    ended up in that large room 3 times, the 3rd time i had 3 iron giants with the flaming sword, 3 nagani’s and 10 flans….wtf???…..thank god i’m level 97….could of given people more of a heads up about the enemies in that room other than ‘a bunch of monsters’ in the guide

    1. S

      I did the same thing only I was 62, good thing I was stacked on healing items.

      1. K

        Im stuck like eternity since i forgot which path i chosen before, and had no idea that the monster will multiply each time i choose the wrong path ?

  16. R

    If you drop down the hole where you walk across the wall and drop down into the hole you will find an item called the good chamberlain

  17. L

    For the four panels, you need to do them all in a specific order: 4, 3, 2, 1. The pillars right next to the platform indicate which number they are. Number 1 will take you towards the boss.

  18. T

    I quit the game because of this glitch. Wasted three hours? And why have the dungeon repopulate after you beat the BOSS? Makes no sense. What a waste of time this whole game was. Nothing but fetch quests, and plot that didn’t make a lick of sense, offensive representations of women, and slow travel. The Witcher was better in every regard, and it never lost me three hours of my life. Square can suck it. I’ll never buy another one of their games.

    1. R

      Soo the witcher has no repopulate?? That would be boring af kill everything and no more enemies.. The tower is still way to easy and im lv 58
      Got everything maybe your just a noob don’t blame square that it’s to difficult

  19. A

    So, I was doing this and only from finishing 2/4 cubes thingy I can fight the boss, but it didn’t drop the Sword of the Tall. I went back to do it again and on my 4th cube it just skipped and show the cutscene of dropping the Sword of the Tall. LOL

  20. A

    The yojimbo bridge was bugged for me. As soon as I killed him another one would respawn. After killing 4 of them I just ran away and into the next room instead.

  21. E

    The map will make you go down the wrong elevator 3 times, till you finally can use the southwest elevator (the others should be marked with a tick(checkmark) indicating the routes you have already taken. Once you are able to take the southwest elevator keep an eye on your minimap. You will eventally reach a point where some Jellys will spawn, you will have a choice to use two paths. South or East. Go East.

    1. A

      So, not sure if this will help anyone but it only took me 2 tries in order to get to the Boss.

      I went and did Vyvs quest, and they tell you the sword was stolen by Daemons, so you are guided to Costlemark Tower (You cant take the picture because its nighttime and Costlemark is only open at Nighttime)

      The guide here is pretty good until it gets to the part with the 4 Different paths — when looking at the map, all i did was go inside the Bottom Right fake path and defeat the monsters, then once i was back in the main room with 4 paths, i went and did the Upper Left one.

      This led me the right way because i reached the point where once inside the tunnels i found the path with the Carved Circle in front of it, which the led me right to the boss (But right before that i almost got killed by a bunch of Thunder Bombs and a Yojimbo)

      I got the Armiger Sword out of the Jabberwock Boss and now i am on my way to Altissia.

      1. J

        That large room is nuts! I had three red giants and a Nagarani plus some small enemies all spawn there at the same time. Needless to say, that fight was waaaaaay tougher than the Jormungand itself. Nice 12,000 experience at the end of it though.

        1. M

          i leveled up 23 times just from doing this dungeon. the Galdian Guey hotel gives X2.0 EXP. In the beggining i was level 37 in Chap. 2. Now cause of this dungeon im level 65 on chap 6

  22. L

    Piece of rubbish keeps me doing the same one tile over and over again

  23. N

    Took me 2 hours 16 phoniex downs, 50 elixirs, and 17 hi elixirs and I was level 61 but in the end it was worth it because of the cool gaint chainsaw sword armiger plus the anti daemon weapons were very helpful in beating the dungeon.

  24. M

    I’m at the end I get on the elevator my guys fall from the sky and fall off the platform and I get up and I can’t get out there’s no cube no red spot that I can touch to open idk how to leave

  25. J

    My game just shut off when I was here……my foot touch the side of the table my tv is on…..and it turned off…. I REFUSE!

  26. G

    Those who are stuck in the tower after defeating the dragon thing there is a dick in the room you fight it that you need to stand on to teleport to the dungeon entrance. Took me hours to find ????

  27. M

    This level is clearly not designed to be fun.

    1. B

      If you want to do something that isn’t fun, do the Pittios Dungeon.

      Never again will I go near that place….

      1. M

        I have completed the pithioss dungeon very easily .

  28. C

    Fuck this place x1000. I did two elevators and was exhausted of supplies. Left, restocked and came back. Had to do first elevator twice before second opened and then on fourth it glitched me through the wall and outside the dungeon when fighting a mob. Followed by me quitting the game and again fuck this place *1000.

  29. V

    Thanks for the guide. But wtf is the point of the Sword of the Tall? It does a lot of damage yes but it does NEGATIVE 40% on fire/ice/lightening/magic and -30 on something else!! and it damages you when you use it!, and it ONLY does 22 more damage points than Hyperion! and Hyperion doesnt hurt you in any of those areas, plus it gives more HP! Hyperion gives 310 whereas Sword of the Tall does 200…
    So whats the point of this greatsword that is the reward for the most difficult regular dungeon..?

    1. V

      The sword is part of the Armiger..all of the Royal Arms will take HP from Noctis when used. That was explained early on in the game.

  30. A

    I know it’s a bit late, but the panels are numbered. If you look at the stones near each elevator you’ll notice the base of columns. The first elevator you go through has four stone columns. Elevator four. The second has three columns. The game will make you venture forth through each elevator in reverse numerical order until you reach the end.

  31. M

    I defeated to boss, but im stuck in the room and i can’t get out og the dungon, i tried to look for the red circle but it wasn’t there, and i can’t use the “Return To Entrance” option. what do i do

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