FFXV Dream Egg - Moogle Chocobo Carnival

FFXV Dream Egg is an important item obtained during the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Its purpose was unknown until recently, when it was revealed it will be required to unlock some Assassin’s Festival outfits in an upcoming event. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get FFXV Dream Egg at Moogle Chocobo Carnival.

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FFXV Dream Egg Moogle Chocobo Carnival
FFXV Dream Egg – Moogle Chocobo Carnival

How to get FFXV Dream Egg

To get the Dream Egg, you’ll need to complete the Interrupted by Fireworks quest at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. As soon as you see the fireworks at the end of this quest, you’ll leave the hotel, and get the notification that you’ve been awarded the Dream Egg item.

Dream Egg Description: This enigmatic egg is full of big dreams, but shows no signs of hatching any time soon. Its purpose, for now, is unknown.

If you’ve completed the main carnival quest, and you can’t find the Dream Egg in your inventory (in the key items tab), you might be looking at the wrong save file. Remember that the carnival prizes are only shown on the save with a Moogle Chocobo stamp.

FFXV Choco Mog Save Stamp

To explore the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, you’ll need to download the Holiday Pack from the store. The game will inform you about it anyway, as soon as you log in. The carnival can be started from the Special tab in the main menu. From there, you’ll choose a save file where you want your carnival prizes to be transferred to. The festival began once again near the end of July, when it was released in update 1.13, and it’s going to last until the end of September. Be sure to get the egg before the Assassin’s Festival starts at the end of August.

To complete Interrupted by Fireworks, you’ll need to pick up 50 choco-mog medallions and exchange them for a Lodging Voucher. This item can be bought from any festival vendor. It grants the holder access to a sweet suite and a special seat to see the fireworks.

If you don’t know where to find choco-mog medallions, or are sturggling to get all 50 of them, we’ve done an extensive guide on how to earn medallions at the Festival.

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    Andrew Wood

    How do I redeem the dream egg in the assassin festival?

    1. L

      Just log in and you’ll get it. Be sure to load the save with the Assassin stamp, if you want to use it in the main game.

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