Endless Sprinting in FFXV

In Final Fantasy XV, you can press the right stick (or Circle / B) while running, and you will enter sprint mode. But sprinting will also deplete your stamina bar. When you stop sprinting, the stamina gauge will slowly refill itself. If you totally run out of it, Noctis will be left breathless and will be temporarily unable to sprint. Luckily, there’s a trick to instantly refill your stamina. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to perform Final Fantasy XV endless sprinting.

How to sprint endlessly in FFXV

The endless stamina trick is very helpful, especially when your Regalia car is not parked somewhere nearby, or if you didn’t unlock Chocobos as a way of traveling. When sprinting, Noctis will become faster and you will cover much more terrain in a shorter period of time. But, it doesn’t last too long, since it depletes stamina.

When you enter sprint mode, hold the sprint button. When the stamina bar reaches zero, quickly press the right stick again (or Circle / B ). That will result in Noctis warping forward a bit, and refilling your stamina bar completely. You may not succeed on your first try, but when you get the hang of it, you will be able to sprint endlessly.

If your stamina bar is not turned on, go to the Options menu, choose Stamina, and select “ON”. A green bar will appear above Noctis’ head. Then you can easily see how much stamina you have left. When the bar changes color from green to red, Noctis will be exhausted, and you will have to wait until it’s refilled.

ffxv endless sprinting

If you don’t like seeing the bar floating over your head, there is another way to check when you should press the button again. When Noctis lifts his head up, and changes his posture to a more upright position, that means he is out of breath (and stamina). Let go of the sprint button at that moment and press it again, and he will do the forward warp animation and regain full stamina again.

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