FFXV Fishing Tips Guide

FFXV Fishing is a mini-game that awards you with items and ingredients. It is Noctis’ favourite pastime, and you’ll have the chance to spend dozens of hours fishing across Lucis. It’s not hard to do, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed with information when you first start doing it. You have to think about equipment, time of day, location, and more. In this guide, we’re going to give you some FFXV fishing tips, to help you get the hang of it.

ffxv fishing tips guide

FFXV Fishing Minigame

Here’s how the minigame works:
  1. You first approach a fishing spot.
  2. You throw your hook into the water. The minimap will inform you of the locations of the fish. The blue dots are inedible fish, which will reward you with small treasures. The yellow ones are safe to eat, and you’ll get cooking ingredients from them. If there’s a ring around the dot, that means the fish is of a rare variety.
  3. Try to throw the hook further than the fish you’re aiming for, so you have space to move the line and bait.
  4. Move the bait around and dangle it until the fish bites. If you go 10 seconds without a bite, you can just throw it again.
  5. You’ll see a red bar on the top of the screen, filling up as you get its attention. When it fills up, the fish will bite.
  6. Move your left stick according to the prompts on the screen, and use R2/RT to reel in. Whenever you’re matching the direction of the prompt, it’s safe to reel the line.
  7. When the fish start to thrash, stop reeling. Keep the stick in position, though. If it still matches the prompt when the thrashing stops, quickly reel in.
  8. When you’ve finally depleted the bar on top, you’ll catch the fish and reap the rewards.
If you stop reeling when there’s turmoil, your line will last longer. Of course, when you’re hunting bigger, rarer fish, this advice goes out the window. You won’t have the luxury to skimp on fishing line, because every second counts there.

Final Fantasy XV Fishing Tips

After you’ve gotten the hang of the technique, you’ll want some tips to help you improve and save you time:
  • If you have appropriate lure for a fish, its dot on the minimap will blink.
  • You can catch fish with lure that wasn’t made for them specifically, but only if it was made for a fish from the same family (Barramundi).
  • Buy up a stock of lures and lines – they may be expensive, but it’s good to have them at hand. When you run out of line, you won’t be able to fish. If a line snaps, you’ll lose the lure on it.
  • Upgrade your equipment (the rod and reel). It will help a lot at lower levels. There are a lot of shops in Leide that sell these supplies, as well as vendors in Duscae.
  • Invest in fishing skills in the Ascension Skill Tree. All of them increase fishing rewards, so it’s good to have them.
  • Fish respawn, so don’t worry about overfishing. If they don’t respawn after you stop the minigame, simply go and rest/wait a bit.
  • When you feel you’re ready for some rare, challenging fish, be sure to check out Navyth’s fishing quests.
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  1. A

    level up quick how dio i do that

    1. B

      I felt like I got to level 8 pretty quickly by fishing the fairly easy fish in the reservoir all the way on the east side of the map. Some will tell you to go after harder fish, mostly in Vesperpool, but frankly I felt that harder fish only equaled out to mean having to spend more time trying to angle 1 fish compared to having fun by catching a lot of something.

      Leveling fishing isn’t all that hard really, just catch a lot of fish, the issue really is the time spent trying to catch the fish. Easier fish do kind of eliminate that though, since they barely fight and get reeled in easy. Your almost just picking them up out of the water after a while, which, yeah, doesn’t see the big jump in levels like harder fish, but do add up VERY fast.

      Only reason I haven’t maxed out yet (though I have done the fishing quests and have the best tackle) is simply becuase after doing to fishing quests, the only other reason to fish is to satiate being an ocd completionist (which I am, so I should get back to it soon) who wants both the achievement and a full fish archive, and all of Ignis’ recipes. I did get kind of bored with it, and the guess work of what fish is where and what tackle to use on what spot really didn’t help. Don’t want them to hold my hand or anything, but of almost all the things in this game, if you want all the fish, it seems to take the most time -which is just really odd game design for a non-fishing exclusive game.

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