Fallout Shelter Christmas Update Released, Adding New Decorations

As the holidays draw near, various games keep getting updated with holiday-themed content. The latest one to join the already long list is Fallout Shelter, the vault management phone game set in the Fallout universe. After you’ve updated the game, your vault dwellers will get to enjoy a bunch of Christmas decorations, new outfits and even a handful of new quests. They’ll all be available for a limited time, so you’d better hurry up and check them out.

fallout shelter christmas update
Fallout Shelter Christmas Event

The news can via the official Bethesda twitter account. They didn’t reaveal much, instead only posting the image above with the promise of new stuff. From looking at the picture, we can see the following:

  • Snowflake ornaments
  • Christmas lights
  • Santa hats
  • Christmas tree table decorations
  • Proper-sized Christmas trees
  • Wrapped presents
  • Christmas wreaths
  • Hanging mistletoe
  • Snowman plushies
  • Santa outfits
  • Elf outfits
  • Paintings of Rudolf, the Gingerbread Man and a Christmas tree
  • A TV show with Rudolf in it

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We have no idea whether these additions will increase the happiness of your settlers, or if they’re purely cosmetic. They may make the population more merry, or they might be there just for our sake. Also, there’s no word on the new quests, apart from the fact they exist.

What we do know is that all of the stuff from the new update will be gone shortly after the holidays. There’s no official end date for the Christmas event, but don’t expect them to last past the end of January.

You can download Fallout Shelter on Android, iOS and PC. Although there is a PC version, we recommend trying it on a phone. It’s free to play, with the option of buying in-game items using real money.

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