Final Fantasy XV New Screenshots Released

Never before seen gameplay footage from Final Fantasy XV were presented to the audience at the “Paris Games Week” on-stage live presentation of Square Enix’ new game. The development team of the game, led by Hajime Tabata, director of the game, presented us with some new content and information about the much awaited sequel of this fantastic franchise.
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Afterwards, the developer published a batch of high-quality screenshots taken from that footage.

Lots of new footage is shown in the clip below. The presentation starts at 14:40, and the gameplay starts on 34:20.

World of FFXV

We also had a chance to take a look at the town of Lestallum, and to see how awesome driving around in your Regalia car is. Footage of chocobo-riding is also there, and of course, Square Enix included some battles, against a griffon and Midgarsormr. As you probably know by now, the main motive of the game is the brotherhood between Noctis and his 3 friends that set out on a journey in his father’s car. But King Regis’ Omen warns him about the uncertainty of the events to come.

Here are some gorgeous looking screenshots of characters from the game.The incredible Omen trailer was also shown at the event. In it, you could see a lot of new things about the world.You can also see Noctis in the middle of a couple of heated battles, one with an ancient being, and the other with trained special operatives (the reason for that is still unknown).The game has its darker moments, which are pretty usual for Final Fantasy games.Many of the other details in the video are about elemental magic, death magic, new monsters, fast travel, summons, the mechanic Cindy’s Regalia delivery service and the town of Lestallum. Final Fantasy XV will be available worldwide on November 29th, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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