How to level up fast in FFXV

While playing Final Fantasy XV, your characters’ stats will increase when you level up. To do so, you’ll have to earn EXP – experience points. You’ll get them for completing quests, fighting enemies and doing various errands. However, not all of these carry the same amount of EXP – some reward you better, others worse. If you want to be as efficient as possible, you’ll have to do a little planning ahead. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to level up fast in Final Fantasy XV, how to quickly gain EXP.

How to earn EXP in FFXV

The best way to earn EXP is by doing side quests. Whenever you see someone with a question mark above their head, talk to them. For example, Professor’s Protege is one of the most profitable quests in the game. Quest givers will follow you around as you progress through the game, so you’ll learn who to talk to at every opportunity.

However, the EXP rewards won’t be tallied until you rest. If you die before you do, you’ll lose your points. Resting at havens and campgrounds is OK, but it’s not optimal. If you feel like taking risks and leveling up the fastest way possible, you should:

  1. Complete all the side quests in a chapter without resting. Don’t complete the chapter before you do, or it will make you rest and tally the score. Save often, so as not to lose EXP when you die.
  2. Before continuing to the next chapter, find a resort that offers a EXPx2 boost when sleeping there. The hotel at Galdin Quay is one example – you’ll need 10,000 gil for the service.
  3. Rest, start the next chapter, repeat.

EXP Boost Hotel locations

Although expensive, this method with will let you hit level 50 before you know it. We have found three NPCs that offer EXP boost when sleeping in their hotels. If you have a better suggestion, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments.

  1. EXP x 1.5 Boost NPC is in Altissia hotel
  2. EXP x 2 Boost offers Receptionist at the hotel at Galdin Quay for 10.000 Gil
  3. EXP x 3 Boost offers the second NPC in Altissia hotel for 30.000 Gil.

FFXV EXP farming

Experience farming in Final Fantasy XV will boost your party level to a much higher number, and you will see some serious changes once you level up. Here are all the steps that you need to take in order to get a lot of experience points.

First, make sure that you have more than 10000 gil on you. You will want to stay at a fancy hotel, like the one in Galdin Quay. Staying at that hotel will double your XP when you rest and level up. If you can maybe save 30000 gil, you can head up to Altissia Hotel and triple your XP.

Make sure you have rare coins and debased coins in your inventory, as it is needed for this method of experience boost. If you level up Gladiolus’ Survival skill, you can find more of them in the world, but there is no way of farming them, so make sure to pay attention when you pick them up. Don’t sell them to vendors!

Next, find some magic source and drain the magic of your liking. You will need the magic to craft spells that boost your XP gain. They are called Expericast and can be of any magic type (thunder, fire or ice). To craft them, combine your magic with the rare or debased coins. Each craft will grant you an Expericast spell. The level of the spell will, of course, depend on your magic skill level. When the Expericast spell is used, you will get the bonus experience when you use this magic in fighting.

Before the fight, eat some of the food that will grant you an XP boost. You can eat Galdin Gratin that will get you a 10% EXP boost, or, if you found the recipe for the Mother & Child Rice Bowl, make sure you eat that one because the bonus exp will be 30%.

Head out to the monsters that you know will bring you a lot of XP. Every time your Expericast spell is ready to be cast, throw it, and it will add bonus XP to the end results of the battle. When you run out of all of the Expericasts spells, go to a hotel, pay the gil and sleep through the night.

In short, here is what you will need for EXP farming:
  • gil for the hotel rest that will double or triple your XP
  • rare and debased coins
  • crafted Expericast spells
  • food that boosts your XP
The amount of experience that you can gain with this method will leave you in awe.

Dungeon EXP Farming

If you get tired of the previous methods, you can always head into the dungeons. They have a vast variety of enemies that yield good amounts of experience. Their level range varies from 12 up to 55. We’ve prepared a guide with a full Dungeon Locations Map.

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  1. A

    I finished over 90 side quest
    And my level is 60 now
    I just realized that there’s double exp

    Damn it

  2. J

    how much exp do you need to level to 99? I have around 500K saved up.. if I get that x3 multiplier in Altissia thats 1500K… I’m lvl 55 at the end of chapter 8.

    1. L

      You need at least double of that amount, 1 million +, for a 55-99 with a 3x multiplier. Be aware that at some points of the chapter, the game automatically spends the exp earned.

      1. K

        use a nixperience charm it stops the exp being tallied so it will continue building.

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