FFXV How to Download Assassin's Festival DLC

Assassin’s Festival is the latest DLC event in Final Fantasy XV. It’s already out, at least in some regions, but players are having trouble downloading it. Finding it in your store can be really difficult, as it keeps disappearing and reappearing, but don’t worry. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to download FFXV Assassin’s Festival, so you can start playing and get the assassin’s robes.

ffxv how to download assassin's festival dlc
FFXV How to download Assassin’s Festival DLC

How to Get Assassin’s Festival

In order to download the Assassin’s Festival DLC, you’ll need to log into your digital storefront (PS/Xbox Store). When you’re there, go directly to search – trying to navigate to the DLC from the game’s store page is useless. The problem is that the DLC keeps appearing and disappearing all the time, so you’ll need a lucky break. Here are the search terms you should try:

  • FFXV (this one was the most successful when we tried)
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Assassin’s Festival

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If it doesn’t show up, give it a minute and try again. You can also try restarting your console or just logging out, but it’s almost certainly not a problem on your end. Once you’ve found the DLC’s page, simply start the download. It’s around 800 MB on Playstation – the bulk of the update was downloaded through yesterday’s patches. You might not be able to start the game right away – even when you have both of the recent patches and the add-on installed, it might still require another download.

Once you’ve got it all, simply start the game. You’ll get a message saying you can download the DLC, even if you already have it. Ignore the message, and go to the special menu. The top entry should be the Assassin’s Festival – the game recommends a save from after chapter 7, but it won’t stop you from using any old save file. The latest FFXV DLC unlocks Medjay & Master Assassin’s Robes Costumes.

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  1. J

    Doesnt work, do you need the season pass in order to download this?

    1. L

      Don’t think so. It showed up for me one moment, and the next it was gone

  2. A

    Thanks that helped me find it.

  3. C

    For those of you who can’t find it on PSN because there’s a glitch for some reason, here’s the easier way

  4. D

    For the love of god someone please haalp. I can’t find the assassin festeval when I start up the game. Went to special and all that shows up is the moogle/chocobo carnival. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still nothing. Im playing on xbox one

  5. R

    How do I save my dlc in my current main save file? It does not allow me to save and I only can save it on chapter 1

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