FFXV Update 1.15 adds Dream Egg Robes Reward, Bestiary, Chapter Select

Final Fantasy XV just got updated to version 1.14, then 1.15. This update adds the Master Assassin’s Robe, chapter select, bestiary and a lot more. You’ll have to download a rather large file in preparation for the festival. It weighs about 4GB on PlayStation 4, and 6GB on Xbox One.

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FFXV Update 1.15 Adds Dream Egg Robes Reward Bestiary Chapter Select
FFXV Update 1.15 adds Dream Egg Robes Reward, Bestiary, Chapter Select

Update 1.15 & 1.14 Patch Notes

This is a rather large update, which is understandable, as it comes in preparation for the Assassin’s Festival. Two patches were released today – version 1.14 is the important one, as it contains the new content. As always, saves made with the new update will not work on older versions of the game.

Version 1.15

  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.14

  • Implementation of a chapter select (available after completing the main game). Select a completed main game slot, and begin playing from the start of any chapter. This option is found under the Load Game tab, in the main menu, before you start the game. It lets you choose any of the 15 chapters.
  • Addition of a bestiary (accessible from the Archives). Once you load the game, open the menu and press the second to last option – Bestiary. It contains detailed information about previously encountered enemies – like regions they are found in, their names, short descriptions, size, weight, etc.
  • Opening of the Assassin’s Festival (limited-time only, until January 31st, 2018). You’ll need to wait for a few hours for this one, as it is not available in the store yet. It will be – for the next six months, starting August 31st.
  • Master Assassin’s Robes for players with a Dream Egg (unlocks upon loading a save). Be sure to load a save with the little moogle-chocobo stamp on it. That save should have a Dream Egg.
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from the third photo contest (viewable at Mother of Pearl in Galdin Quay).
  • Various bug fixes.

FFXV Chapter Select Option
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