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ffxv ma-x angelus-0 boss

FFXV MA-X Angelus-0 Boss

MA-X Angelus-0 is a boss in Final Fantasy XV. It’s a giant, bipedal robot you can find wandering the desert. The mech is level 99…

first mindflayer down

How to kill Mindflayer in FFXV

Mindflayer is one of the bosses in Final Fantasy XV, guarding the Tomb of the Wanderer. You will get the opportunity to fight him during…

ffxv dungeon locations map final fantasy 15

FFXV Dungeon Locations Map

Final Fantasy XV Dungeons are located throughout the game and represent special areas with a lot of good loot and bosses. Some of them are…


How to kill Behemoth

Behemoth is a boss in Final Fantasy XV, and you will fight him during the Friends of a Feather quest, which is a part of…