Magic in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is set to be released in one month and we are getting more and more information on how the game will look like. Square Enix has shared some more details about the game, and this time we are focusing on magic in Final Fantasy XV.
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If you’re interested in playing as a spellcaster, you might be interested in the following guides:

Ring of the Lucii

One of the main artifacts in the game will be Ring of the Lucii, the Ring that was given to our main protagonist Noctis by his father, king Regis. You should know that the ring magic is exclusive to Noctis, and that many of his abilities are connected to the ring. As you progress through the game, the ring will grant you the ability to use Death magic.

You may have read that the Death spell, which we’ve talked about already, will be the ability to drain health from enemies over time. This leeching from the enemies may be one of the best ways to deal with them, as a portion of their health points will be transferred to Noctis, healing him in the process.

Fire, Thunder and Blizzard

Also some new elements of the magic have been revealed. The three basic elements of magic will be Fire, Thunder and Blizzard. The sources of these powers will be spread across the world, and they will grant you abilities as you craft them into items using Magic Flasks. You can also combine your items with magic so you would gain additional effects such as health restoration or cleansing of some negative status.
Casting spells has residual effects that come into effect in real time. Weather has a tactical impact on battle conditions, with different types of magic having varying effects depending on weather patterns.

Mana points

It is worth telling that when Noctis runs out of MP, he will enter a state called Stasis, and in that moment he won’t be able to move until he gets his MP up. But, if he warps to a safe location, he will have his health points and magic points restored. MP will also be used when performing some actions such as defending, warping and using some of the weapon abilities . Also, of course, when you use some of your magic spells.
Noctis will be accompanied by Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. As they fight numerous monsters together, they will also use magic in the form of usable items. The ring magic, however, is bonded exclusively to Noctis. Noctis can also use a so-called “Armiger Arsenal” when at full MP. This is a state that continuously drains his MP, but greatly improves Noctis’s battle abilities.


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