How to Travel and Use Transportation Sources in Final Fantasy XV

How to travel in Final Fantasy XV has simple solutions. Having such a great open world requires a decent mode of transportation.
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The Final Fantasy XV team gave us several options to help us out. From straight on-foot discovering, to Regalia driving and flying, to Chocobo riding and more. As you progress through the game, you can travel faster.

How to Travel Final Fantasy XV

How to travel in FFXV – Basics

Exploring the vast Final Fantasy XV world you’ll need to do some serious footwork. At the start of the game, you’ll have to make those clothes dirty, with all the walking and running.

  • It gets a bit easier as you repair your car – Regalia
  • It’s even easier when you rent a Chocobo
  • Eventually your end goal is to find and upgrade Regalia to a flying Airship. This Airship, marked as a Regalia Type-F, is the ultimate type of transportation
  • To make the traveling experience more enjoyable, there are some decent perks as well. They are all found in the exploration ascension grid. Once learned, these perks give the player an additional AP and experience points for spending. They give these points as a reward for long trips in the car, or by Chocobo. The ascension grid abilities have quite funny names as well: Roadrunning (gain AP for long trips in the car), Roadlife (gain experience for long trips in the car), Chocobump (gain AP for long trips by Chocobo) and more.
Final Fantasy XV How to Travel

Fast Travel

There are four options to fast travel. All four of them can be chosen from the Map menu. The first one costs 10 gil. As you go to the Regalia, and choose the Auto option, it gives you a list of previously discovered parking spots, quest objectives and other map points. Within this option, you can notice that some of these spots have fast forward icons. These are the locations that you can fast travel to.

The second fast travel option costs 0 gil. You can use it to fast travel to the location where you last rested and/ or to the location of the car. This is a cool feature, as you can switch between these two for any reason.

The third is the most expensive option. It costs 100 gil. It is called “Tow Car”. It teleports you and the Regalia to the Hammerhead station.

The final one appears at the end of the dungeons. You’ll get the option to return to the entrance.

How to travel using Regalia

You can’t drive any other car beside Regalia. Longer distances are not a problem with this car, but there are some limitations and perks for using it. It runs on gas, can be broken, at the end it can kill the whole party if not treated carefully.

Approach the car and interact with it to open the Regalia menu. From here you can choose between Auto (Ignis drive) and Manual (Noctis, the player drive) mode.

Flying Regalia Final Fantasy XV
  1. During the night the player must take control of the Regalia. We can leave the controls of the car to Ignis during the day, and just enjoy the scenery.
  2. Car’s option “Auto” gives an ability to select a destination. This is a fast travel option to any POI, no matter how far distance. It costs Gil.
  3. The Regalia is upgradeable. Near the end of the game you can even make it fly. This makes it the only air method of travel.
  4. The Regalia is faster than Chocobos.
  5. Once you obtain the flying car Regalia, you’ll have to practice taking off and landing, because if you crash at landing you’ll die.

How to travel with Chocobo

Chocobo is the best option for shorter travel. These magnificent animals can walk, run, drift, glide and even swim! The glorious sound as they interact with the rider is the single reason why you should use them.

Chocobo Final Fantasy XV
  1. To use the Chocobo, find and rent them at the Chocobo rental station. They are found near parking lots, stores and more. They become marked on map, as you come near them.
  2. Chocobo’s swimming ability is something that is not to be neglected. More so because it seems that players can not swim.
  3. You can summon a Chocobo wherever you want. Although they are afraid of enemies and might run away, they are still the number one solution for exploring.
  4. You can increase the performance of the Chocobo (speed and stamina) by giving him different food.